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7 things I’m passionate about – Part 1

Cigars and good people: 2 things to be passionate about. Why waste your time on things you’re not passionate about? It’s useless. There are things that are necessary, but I’m talking about the things you just do for no reason and end up spending hours doing them.

Say NO to Machines!

The machines in the weight room are like the water cooler in the office. It’s where everyone goes to chat and think they’re getting a workout in, except there’s probably less sweating going on at the machines than there is at the water cooler.

5 Things I Learned in 2009

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been taking some time off for Christmas but I thought it would be nice to have a year end review about what I’ve learned in 2009. This year’s been a big one in the learning department. I’ve started my own business, built my own site and have started writing an […]