The Truth About Success & Confidence That You Don’t Want to Hear


Napoleon Bonaparte spent almost every waking hour learning. A boy born into a family that lacked any semblance of status in a country that had recently lost its sovereignty, being conquered by the French, Napoleon despised the elite, those who were given a rank in the army or a place in society not because of […]

How to Conquer Loneliness

lone wolf

How can a man feel alone when he’s in a city of millions? As our cities grow our meaningful connections lose their meaning and their purpose. We have friends, but they aren’t the same as the companions we once fought with side-by-side defending our cities and towns and tribes from other men who wished to […]

5 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Death

fear of death

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. ~ Dale Carnegie As a species, we’ve never lived longer. Death has never been so far from our reality yet so close to our thoughts. It’s […]

5 Ways Become More Disciplined

Statue Of Archduke Charles

Yesterday I accompanied a pal of mine to the book store. I typically don’t buy books from book stores, merely browse, take pictures, then buy them at a fraction of the price online. I’m cheap like that. Today was different. Itching for a new read I went with and took a look at what was […]

11 Tips to Budget Your Money Like a Winner

How to Budget Money

I have a somewhat unique outlook on money. I don’t like a lot of it sitting around for fear of becoming content. Money, to me, is a tool. It’s a tool that can lead to freedom, but it’s a tool that I have control over. It’s doesn’t own me. It gives me no meaning in […]

5 Worldviews You Need to Succeed at Anything

successful worldviews

How you view the world will largely determine what you accomplish, and what you can accomplish is who you are. For example, the term “he has a good heart” is irrelevant if “his” actions don’t provide proof. If you truly want to be a success, if you truthfully want to help people and better their lives, if […]

How to Reach The Unattainable Goal of Your True Potential

chess king

This flies in the face of all we’ve been taught about how to be a better man, an alpha, a warrior, this selfless individual who does for others before he does for himself. We’re taught that a leader takes care of those around him before he worries about his own needs. We’re taught that goodness […]

It’s Never Too Late To Chase Your Dreams

Old man riding a bike to sunny sunset sky

We’re oddly creative at excusing ourselves from success yet don’t bring that same creativity to creating success. We excuse ourselves from living the life we want to live because of our starting point. We say it’s not the right time to start living our dreams, that tomorrow is a much more convenient time to begin. We even coerce […]

Motivation is a Myth. Get Hungry.

Stunning facial portrait of male lion on black background in bla

It isn’t motivation you need, it’s hunger. It’s not inspiration or passion, but hunger. Some are hungry for success and for improvement no matter how successful they get because they’re also worried that they’re losing this hunger, constantly. It’s fear of complacency that drives them as much as a desire for greatness. It may be […]

Forget Finding Your Passion. Just Work.


“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing.” ~ Thomas Jefferson The word “work” is far too often spoken with a tinge of resentment. Many of us resent where […]

A Bucket List Fit for a Legend


I’d rather spend my money on experiences or on my business than on things. It’s a realization I had a couple years ago whilst sitting with a pal, pint of Guinness in me hand, cigar in me mouth talking about cars and trucks and other things that are of little significance in life’s grander scheme […]

Small Priorities = Small People

biggest statue of Chinghiskhan

A priority is the thing you give your time to. Your priority right now is the thing you’re giving your time to right now in this moment. Your priorities are so important that they will dictate what you accomplish in life, what you have, your level of happiness, self-worth, and success. They will expose you, the […]

What Is Living?

bull by the horns

I know living doesn’t happen simply by breathing and being alive in a state confined to zones of comfort that we don’t dare break nor know how to do so. I know living doesn’t exist in monotony, in a mindless routine that we think we’re relegated to. Living occurs in doing what we thought we […]