How to Hit a Heavy Bag

I always dreamed of becoming a Legendary boxer. Even when I was a kid playing hockey, boxing was never far from my thoughts. Rocky was viewed weekly. Ali and Marciano hung from my wall, always in black and white, always inspiring. One day I finally said, The hell with it, and bought a heavy bag. […]

Creating A Legendary Workout: 5 Sets Every Guy Needs to Use

5 Sets Every Skinny Guy Needs to Know About Workouts, like anything in life, have ebs and flows. We have intense periods of training, filled with meaning and purpose, and flat times. For about a month – up until last week – I was in one of those flat periods. But then everything changed… How […]

The Boxer and the Key to Success… in Everything.

the boxer

The Boxer. The Real Man. Your Dream Body. Your Dream Life. Success is not glamorous. It’s riddled with blood, covered in sweat, and filled with tears. Those who deny this won’t see it realized. Those who fail to accept that life, success, and greatness is a fight. Will be beaten, hurt, and broken. They will […]

Power in Small Packages: Rocky Marciano & Mike Tyson

Marciano Rocky

Boxing, or any form of fighting, is life broken down into 3-minute rounds. Life is truly lived when we experience both highs and lows, triumph and failure. Happiness isn’t as appreciated if we haven’t already experienced pain or sadness. Success isn’t as satisfying if it isn’t preceded by failure. In a fight, there are moments […]

Fighter Training: Progression Sets


Marvin Hagler No fighter prepares for a 30 second knockout. Just like no one in their right mind expects success in business within 30 days of starting a company, or to find their dream girl within 30 days of deciding that this is what they now want. Each of those things do happen. But no […]

Are You A Fighter?


Fighters aren’t born. Fighters are created. A fighter is created out of circumstance. He’s moulded from his ability to rise from the depths of despair. Chiselled from hardship and spawned from his ability to, no, his desire to push forward and never relent. A fighter isn’t only found in the ring, or in the cage. […]

Fight Training: 24’s

Rocky Training

What set’s a Legendary fighter apart from a good fighter, or even the average guy? It’s not necessarily more talent, although it helps. It ain’t a head start in life, that’s for sure. It’s a combination of hunger and a will to succeed, as well as some Legendary training. Even in fictional character’s like Rocky, it was […]

The Ivan Drago Workout

Ivan Drago

Ivan Drago, from Rocky IV Rocky IV has one of the best training sequences in movie history. The battle between Rocky Balboa, and Ivan Drago is Legendary. The stark contrasts of each of their training styles – and fighting styles – gives even more drama to the fight and to the storyline. Rocky is unpolished. […]

Why Every Guy Should Get in A fight

Learn How to Fight

Sugar Ray Robinson: arguably the greatest pound-for-pound fighter ever. It doesn’t matter if you want to be the heavyweight champion of the world or not. Every guy should get in a fight at least once in his adult life. Just hear me out… It could be a controlled match, like a boxing match or mma […]

Top 5 Boxing Films of All Time

the Fighter Movie Chad Howse

‘The Fighter‘ a film about the story of ‘Irish’ Mickey Ward First, I’ll start off with a question: What is it about boxing movies that guys love? We can relate to them. The adversity faced in the ring is a microcosm of what we face in life. And boxing provides the perfect platform for triumph […]

Building Your Arsenal – Athletic Power (Free Workout)

When people talk about a complete, well-rounded fighter, they say “he has a lot of weapons in his arsenal.” But the same can apply to us ‘normal’ guys as well. We also want to be well-rounded, not just having muscle, but lean and athletic muscle. Not just having power, but power that lasts. And not […]

Why You Haven’t Reached Your Goals


You can’t wait for things to happen. If you want it, you have to take it. I’m writing this from both personal experience and experiences with clients. There seems to be a few constants keeping all of us from reaching our goals. Once we change these obstacles it’s like we’ve broken through a wall, our […]

7 Fighters Every Guy Should Know About

Rocky Marciano

I started watching boxing at about the age of 5 when my Dad got me a video of Muhammad Ali. I couldn’t even pronounce his name correctly (I’d say Muhaddamali – one word) but I fell in love with the sport right then and there. There was just something about the purity of the competition […]

Getting the same results?

Are you doing the same old thing in your workouts? If it’s easy, what’s the point? If you’re starting a program that’s “easy”, ask yourself, what’s the point? Are you going to be getting everything you want out of it? Are you going to have to push yourself beyond anything you’ve done up to this […]

2 techniques that pack on pounds

Build Muscle

photo taken by Erica Chan Hey guys I’ve been writing “half-articles” all day completely unable to complete a full one. I just got back from Quebec City – more on that trip later this week – and New York before that so I guess I’m a bit jet-lagged as my brain doesn’t seem to be […]