Lift Like a Man!

a Man's Man

Russel Crowe as James J. Braddock. A Man’s Man. The thing’s that get us the best results aren’t new. They aren’t a fad. They haven’t magically popped up out of nowhere and started getting people amazing bodies. They’re grounded in common sense. They’re systems and principles that make sense. Fads are the enemy of results. […]

How to Live a Stagnant Life


Let fear stop you from living a legendary one… People make decisions based on a number of reasons. We get married because we love someone. We quit our job to start our own business because of passion. We’re making our own way, following our own path in the name of building a life that we […]

Where Do You Stand?


Building your ideal body is a challenge. At its core, getting in awesome shape can be a very simple thing, but the amount of things that can knock us off track if we let them can spell the end in a lot of cases. We can start out extremely motivated, but end up losing that […]

Life is a Series of Commas, Not Periods

Matthew McConaughey Fitness

  McConaughey in Two for The Money – one of my favourites. It’s funny how one tiny little line can speak to you in a way that a whole article or even book can’t. I’m a huge fan of quotes, I go to them for clarity, motivation, and sometimes they help when times are tough. […]

Tougher Than The Rest

Tougher than the Rest

I’m a big fan of Bruce Springsteen’s music. He continually comes out with classic songs that will definitely stand the tests of time. His song “Tougher Than The Rest” helped me come up with this blog post… Toughness is mental. It isn’t physical. Even if it is physical toughness, it has more to do with […]

The Perfect Body

Post your results in the comments section! What does the perfect body look like? Wouldn’t it be the body that is the most pleasing to the most women? Makes sense… so that’s where we’ll focus. The first thing a woman is going to notice about a guy is his frame. The ideal frame would be […]

Building Your Arsenal – Athletic Power (Free Workout)

When people talk about a complete, well-rounded fighter, they say “he has a lot of weapons in his arsenal.” But the same can apply to us ‘normal’ guys as well. We also want to be well-rounded, not just having muscle, but lean and athletic muscle. Not just having power, but power that lasts. And not […]

10 Minute Abs Shredding Workout

Here’s the 10 Minute Abs Shredding Workout I promised if you guys got up 25 comments on the “Build the Ideal Body: for Women” article. Thanks for chiming in, very much appreciated. The Workout: One part of developing defined, lean, athletic-looking 6-pack abs, is building the abdominal muscles. The second part to that equation is […]

Good Things Happen in the Extra Mile

rocky balboa

Good things happen in the extra mile, just ask Rocky Balboa. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase, “go the extra mile.” Well there’s a reason why people say it. Good things happen in the extra mile, when you put that extra bit of work in, no matter what we’re talking about; whether it be […]

the Secret to Athletic-Looking Shoulders: FREE Workout

One of the secrets to building an athletic-looking and an athletic physique in general is single-arm training. Many of the movements we perform in athletics involve using one arm, or one leg at a time such as punching, kicking, shooting a basketball, throwing a football or baseball etc… I’m not saying get rid of your […]