How To Structure Your Meals to Burn More Fat and Gain More Muscle

various meals with meat, fish and chicken

I talked about this last week in an article covering the best diet for you. Over-complication and restriction sell well, but they don’t work, not in the long term at least. To get real, long-lasting results, you need to be following a diet that… a. Is healthy. b. Is tasty. c. Helps you hormonally with your […]

What’s The Best Diet For You?

Detail of a lion in a Safari in Botswana

Tricks and fads rule the diet and nutrition industry not because they work, but because they prey on our weakest desires to get something for nothing, to earn without merit, and to win without work. If you can market a diet that has some sort of trick to get you to lose fat or build […]

Super Bowl Diet Tips: Eat Like a Damn Man!

Detail of a lion in a Safari in Botswana

I turned on the radio this morning, a rarity in my vehicle, and what I heard was yet another reason why I prefer cd’s and audiobooks. ‘Twas a voice of a lady, of the hippie variety, providing guys with “healthy” meals to eat during this year’s Super Bowl. “I have a divine cabbage role recipe”, […]

How to Spend Your Money That’s Budgeted for Fitness & Health

Fitness Products

So you’ve budgeted your money for the month and the year and you’ve come up with an amount that you want to spend on your health, fitness, and becoming a stronger man. Where should you spend this money to maximize your results, ensuring you get the results you’ve set out to get this year? Assuming, […]

Bro, You’re Eating Like a Woman!


I grew up watching Westerns and Action films. It was Arny’s heyday, Stallone was on top of his game, and movies like Tombstone brought the wild west to my living room. As far as the cinema was concerned, there isn’t a better time to have grown up, and to say that these movies didn’t influence how […]

5 Recipe’s Every Man Should Know

Part of being a real man is being self-reliant. We need to not only take care of yourselves and our families financial and physical welfare, but we need to be able to prepare some food that both tastes lovely, and serves our bodies well. Venturing into the kitchen and preparing something that actually tastes like […]

How to Lower Stress, Have More Energy, and Gain More Muscle

There are two kinds of men; there are worriers, those who see the bad, when the good is just as likely to occur. Then there are warriors, those who deal with what is at hand and face their fears without fearing the consequences. Both are within each of us. What’s scary are the effects of […]

Cooking for Dudes

Ah, the dude. ‘Tis I, the single bachelor who, when left to my own devices, chooses speed and macronutrient breakdown over taste and quality. When I go home to see me Ma and Pa, I’m transported to another world. One where every meal is an experience. Where nutrition and taste are combined. I eat. I […]

5 Essential Vitamins for Men

Meat is a great source of B12. :)

We’ve talked about essential supplements quite a bit; those pills and powders that help us recover, train longer and with more intensity. But what about vitamins? You know, those things you can find at the local grocery store – no need to even set foot in a supplements store. In this article we’ll look at […]

Alkalize Your pH Levels to Build Muscle & Burn Fat

Having a healthy pH is important. An incorrect – or acidic – pH blood level negatively effects protein synthesis. If you want to build muscle, burn fat, or have high energy levels, this article is an important read. Life is about balance, true? I agree and disagree. To reach a goal I think we need […]

Becoming the Alpha Male: How to Naturally Raise Testosterone Levels in Men

alpha male

Testosterone is a hot topic these days. When men talk about it, women roll their eyes. They hear steroids, pimples on our backs, and steroid-rage, all the while envisioning our necks disappearing due to trap development, while we’re talking about our health, eggs, animal fats, and being the men that nature intended for us to […]

Become An Alpha Male: How to Lower Estrogen & Cortisol Levels

pitt alpha male

It’s hard to find a better example of a true alpha male in the animal kingdom than the lead male in a pride of lions. A singular male leads a community, is responsible for mating and protection, all the while getting first dibs on food. Sounds like a great life, but it comes with an […]

How to Gain Muscle, Lose Fat & Be Healthy on A Budget


It boggles the mind how much more expensive healthy foods – meat and produce – are than crap. Crap – the MacDonal’s, BK’s, and Subway’s, even the cereal and frozen sections of our grocery stores – is what leads our society to early death. That crap is also directly linked to our massive health care […]

7 Things You Need To Do Every Morning to Build Lean Muscle

Muscle Building Morning Routine

Muscle Building Morning Routine A successful morning usually means a successful day. If we are productive from the word go. The rest of our day is surely to follow. In the world of building lean muscle this is no different. So why, then, do we start our day with no rhyme or reason? We wake […]

7 Strange Lean Muscle Building Nutrition Tricks

What’s more important when it comes to building muscle, weight training or nutrition? Big, important question with a very simple answer. While they both go hand in hand, and both are very necessary to have a grasp on, nutrition takes the cake. If we don’t have a solid grasp on nutrition, we’re not going to see […]