How to Build Your Best Body From Start to Finish


At some point all we really need is guidance. We need mentorship, we need for someone to simply point us in the right direction, tell us where to start and then what to do next. We need clarity so we can do what we do best, work. Motivation is something that will come and go, […]

21 Reasons Why A Great Body Just Isn’t For You

Have you ever thought that maybe a great body just isn’t in your cards? That maybe you’re destined to be fat, out of shape, scrawny, or weak? I’ve been there. But I had to come to grips with one very simple fact, a fact that we’ll delve into within the following article. This article will […]

How to Transform Your Body

When we’re walking a journey alone, when we’re our only form of supervision, the man in the mirror, the only one we’re accountable to, we don’t always do the work, or do what’s necessary. That’s what makes the entrepreneur, the writer, or the artist so powerful – they do the work even when no one […]

The Core: A Deeper Look


I was exposed when I first started training as a fighter. For one, my conditioning was atrocious – at least in comparison to a fighter. I also figured throwing punches at someone wouldn’t be all that difficult, but the skill of fighting was the greatest difficulty I faced. Boxing is a tough sport to learn, […]

How a Real Man Gets 6 Pack Abs


There are three kinds of six pack abs. The first is that of the skinny, who’s abs exist purely out of a lack of abdominal fat, not due to any respectable amount of muscle. Most of us have this kind of six pack when we’re young, wiry, and can eat anything and yet still not […]

Creating The Perfect Physique


When defining physical perfection, we have to take into consideration who the perfection is for. When we think about what the perfect female body looks like, we have to take what a man thinks into consideration. When a woman worries about her waistline, about cellulite, and about how she looks, she is in part fretting because […]

The Perfect V: Specialization

the perfect v

Developing the Perfect V… One Muscle at a Time Well-rounded. Balanced. Two words or phrases that come to mind when we think about a body we’d like to create. Thus, we set out to create our ideal all at once. We hammer away at our lats, arms, shoulders, chest and legs. Watching each develop bit […]

How to Build a V Shape: Back Training

bane back workout

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” Les Brown Perfection is what we’re after with the Be Legendary site, Fan Page, and Program. We know we’re not going to attain everyone’s idea of perfection. But we might attain ours. Achieving our own physical perfection doesn’t exist in constructing a body […]

How to Build a V Shaped Torso: Shoulders

Perfect V Cover

There are two schools of thought. One, that pursuit of perfection leaves us disappointed and feeling empty. If we’re always trying to make our work perfect, we’ll never finish anything we start. “The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing.”  Eugene Delacroix The second school of thought takes the following stance: “Shoot for […]

How To Develop Strength. Courage. And Look Good Naked.

Aniston Naked

Vulnerability. That annoying little thing that women want from us. They want us to expose our feelings. Share what’s inside. “Tell me what you’re feeling… inside.” “Express your feelings!” “Communicate!” So many arguments between men and women begin and end with our inability to express our feelings, and their abundant need to do so. It’s […]

How to Lower Estrogen Levels in Men

cure for man boobs

The skinny fat man, or more specifically, the man boob. Are they a product of fat, or of high estrogen levels? Well, the skinny fat man‘s life is kind of a revolving door of one thing contributing to another, all contributing to higher estrogen levels, lower testosterone levels, and a physique that doesn’t inspire a whole lot […]

How to Become a Skinny Fat Man

The skinny fat man… Boyish shoulders that hang ever so gingerly over the budding bitch tits, and the tire that hangs an inch or two over his belt. A belt that still deceptively holds firm around 32-34 inches. He can hide his ‘details’ under a few extra layers, but his frame hasn’t changed since he […]

Part IV: How to Get Ripped. Forever.

Henry Cavill Imortals

Henry Cavill did a lot of work to get in this shape for the Immortals. You’ll see images of actors who get in amazing shape for a movie. Much is made of their transformation. Everyone wants to know what they did and how they achieved such impressive results. And then you hear about their training […]

Part III: How to Get Ripped. Forever.


Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter has stayed in great shape for a lot of years. But how? Ground-breaking idea: The way we look right now is because of the way we live right now. Seems simple enough, but so many of us look for a quick fix instead of trying to tweak our lifestyle so it will […]