Think Weight Training Isn’t For You? No Matter Who You Are, You’re Wrong.

when girls lift2

Weight Training Isn’t For You. Weight training is for the guy who wants to make his neck disappear. The behemoth in the corner, grunting, screaming with every hip-thrusting curl, or vein-popping deadlift. Weight training isn’t for the average person, the house-wife, the grandparent, the skinny girl who wants to stay skinny or the fat girl […]

The Only Bodybuilder You Should Listen To


The Only Bodybuilder You Should Listen To. I struggled… When I was 15 I picked up my first dumbbell. In hopes of building muscle to become a better athlete, I walked into my high school weight room and began lifting weights. I had no mentors at the time, no one keeping an eye on me, […]

Creating A Legendary Workout: 5 Sets Every Guy Needs to Use

5 Sets Every Skinny Guy Needs to Know About Workouts, like anything in life, have ebs and flows. We have intense periods of training, filled with meaning and purpose, and flat times. For about a month – up until last week – I was in one of those flat periods. But then everything changed… How […]

Do Less. Gain More. How Skinny Guys Really Gain Muscle.

Skinny Guys Build Muscle

How Skinny Guys Really Build Muscle It’s 9:53 am. I can see the sun shining outside in what promises to be a beautiful day in Vancouver, BC. I’ve been up since 5 am, getting right into my muscle building morning routine, and my success morning routine. I do my exercises, drink my water, have my testosterone cocktail, […]

10 Unconventional Weight Room Mistakes

weight training mistakes

I’m looking in the mirror at the gym. My shoulders are about as wide as the girl standing next to me. My shirt, a medium, may as well have been a XXXL. To say I was skinny would be an understatement. I was a toothpick. I couldn’t find a shirt that would fit tight around my […]

4 Problems. 4 Solutions.


Let’s do some problem solving… Sometimes the solution to our problems are a lot simpler than we think. Quite often these solutions are right under our noses. So, I bring you 4 common problems, and the solutions to those problems: 1. Can’t focus at work. When we’re focused and ‘tuned in’ to what we’re doing, […]

Magic Pill: The Fastest Way to Build Lean Muscle

How to Build Lean Muscle

Strong. Powerful. And Confident. That’s how I see myself. I see myself as a guy that can handle myself and protect the people I love. I see myself having the confidence to walk up to my dream girl and starting a conversation. The guy who can do what I want, when I want. Not in […]

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

Gain Muscle Lose Fat

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat The ultimate goal for a lot of us is to put on lean muscle. The kind we see in the comic books, on the cover of magazines and, yes, in our dreams. I wanted that lean, athletic-looking and muscular body for a long time, but didn’t know how […]

3 tips for skinny guys

3 tips for skinny guys

I get a lot of emails from guys who were in the same situation that I was in when I first started training. Guys in their early 20’s or late teens asking for advice about how to gain lean muscle mass, and I completely understand your frustrations; I was under 150 lbs of skin and bone […]

Hey! My Mom thinks I’m good looking

my Mom thinks I'm good looking

Dead serious Do the people around you believe you can achieve your goals? Do they tell you this, give you their support and give you a hand when they can? Or do you hang out with the kind of people who tell you that dreaming big will leave you crushed, unfulfilled and feeling like you’ve […]

Video article – free workout, nutrition tips

Busy Body sample program

I just put up a free program on the site for you guys and gals. Just enter your email on the right and you’ll get an email with a link that’ll give you access to download the program for free. I’ve always enjoyed getting in shape but I enjoy the benefits about 100x more. Why […]

not getting results? change things up

change your workouts up

First of all, you should be following some kind of program whether you’re after fat loss or your goal is to gain lean muscle. You need a guideline, something that has progressions and changes as you get stronger and in better shape.

“he’s a stand-up guy, he’s old school”

old school

This lovely photo was taken by Erica Chan at her birthday this past December. What a fun party! When I think of a guy who’s ‘old school’ I think of values, principles and a guy who isn’t afraid to live by what he believes is important and right in life. I think of a stand-up-guy […]