Why I Wake Up Every Morning With a Boner, And You Should Too.


Waking up, one of the theme songs from Lone Survivor, the movie, tingles my eardrums in the wee hours of the morning as I toss and turn, struggling rise at 5am. Accompanying the song and the groggy eyes is a boner. The word makes me chuckle, probably because, at heart, I’m an 8 year old […]

Life is Just One Big Pissing Contest

pissing contest

Standing in front of the toilet with far too much water built up in my bladder, I let it fly. The sound is Niagara falls-esque as it wakes up my deaf dog, the neighbors, and any other living being within a 10 block radius. The birds begin to chirp a few hours too early and the rooster crows […]

Men Need Freedom, But Not Necessarily the Kind We Want.


This may sound like the most obvious statement that can be made, but men need freedom, and in ways we may not want it. Hopping in the car I’ve rented for 3 weeks here in Italy I’m in control, complete control. If I want to take a left and have no idea where that left […]

8 Lessons in Manhood From the Vikings

Viking and burning building

What we think of men today is far different from what men used to be, and what men were meant to be. Men were once warriors and farmers. They were leaders and kings. They were strong, smart, and dangerous. They conquered and they defended. There was a time when the TV remote wasn’t yet invented and […]

How to Live a Story Worth Reading

Saxon King

The best books and films aren’t always those that are done on the grandest scale, but when your boundaries are limitless and you perfect the details, something legendary is created. The Gladiator and Braveheart found this balance in cinematic form. Lord of the Rings and Narnia in the literary form. Theodore Roosevelt and Alexander the […]

10 Stories Every Man Must Live to Tell

hemingway story

I’ve stumbled upon a nice little café here in Milan that’s run by a friendly couple who speak English and serve the best espresso and the best gelato, period. ‘Twas at this cafe where a few hours ago a nice old man, a friend of their’s, stopped by to talk. He, as he always does, […]

To Live As William Wallace Lived.

braveheart paint

I am William Wallace, or at least I’m in his mind as I walk up the steep hill on the way to the monument that’s erected in his honor. I close my eyes, for a moment, to bring myself back to a time when freedom was something men were willing to die for and tyranny […]

The Simple Difference Between the Good and the Great


I got started quickly today at 5 am, writing, reading, reviewing, trying to finish my to do list before noon so I could get out and enjoy my last day in Rome – for this, the first stint of the 3 month trip – but things started to decline rapidly after about the first hour […]

Will You Teach Me How to Be a Man?

Theodore Roosevelt Statue

When I was 3 my old man taught me how to skate. I think it was the same year I learned how to throw a baseball and football and throw a punch, but hockey is what’s stuck in my mind as my first athletic skill because with skating and puck-handling I was also shown how […]

Stand and Fight

David head

The following is a guest post by Jesse Irizarry. “Ease up on the kid,” the trainer yelled. The fighter backed up to take a break from wailing at my head. There he stood glaring at me, a good thirty pounds heavier than me with almost twenty years’ experience in the ring. The head trainer at […]

A Man’s Guide to Packing

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

I’ve written about it at length, but why not mention it once more; life is an adventure – or at least it should be. Of course, it’s all a matter of perspective. I mean, I have a ripping good time even when I’m sitting on me arse with a cigar in my mouth, glass of […]

Man Up! The “That’s Just Your Opinion” Argument is for Losers

Statue of Hercules

The latest episode of the Man Up! series on the Youtubes covers the belief that your life is out of your control, that your future isn’t in your hands, and that your success or lack-there-of is pre-determined. Typically, when the opposite idea that your future is in your hands is brought up, it’s hit with the common, lazy rebuttal […]

Stuff That Makes You Better: The Video, The Shirt, the Mission

Office supplies, gadgets and coffee cup

The mission for this site is pretty clear. My goal has always been to not only become better myself, but bring other guys along with me. Good, strong, self-reliant, manly men are becoming more of a rarity in today’s society. We need them, a lot more of them. But we’re creating less of them. This is a problem, […]

Cool Stuff for Guys: Minutemen Watch, Knife, Gym Bag, Beard Kit, Jeans.

hunting equipment

This week’s Cool Stuff is the best by far. Not only is everything damn cool in this list, but it’s all affordable and applicable to our everyday lives. No Unnecessary clutter – unless you’re beardless (no. 3). Just cool stuff that we’d all love to have. And we’re getting things started off on the right foot with no. […]