Become Thine Own Prophet


As a wee one I told my parents I’d win the MVP of a hockey school I was enrolled in; a school in which I was one of the youngest participants by a good 4 years (a big gap when we’re 13). Digging myself this hole where I’d feel like a fool, a liar if I […]

Try NOT Being Yourself for a Change

me coloss

Too many of us have settled; we’ve settled for a life that’s not indicative of what we’re capable of, a life that’s short of our potential and even our aspirations. We’ve also settled into our roles. From the time we were a wee lad, our friends, family, teachers, and colleagues helped shape us into men […]

you can’t pursue happiness, but here’s how you can create it

Happiness isn’t a pursuit. You don’t Get Happy, you Be Happy. Happiness exists in what you do and who you are, not in what you’re chasing or who you want to be. Thus, the importance of doing what makes you happy, and being a man you’re proud to be. If you relegate happiness to a place that can only occur in your […]

How Fear Will Shape Your Legacy

How a man views fear will shape his life, his love, and his legacy. From a young age we’re taught to use fear as a gage. If something scares us, we are to stay away from it. If something is safe, we gravitate towards it. We’re taught that fear as a mechanism to keep us […]

A Real Man’s Guide to Living a Legendary Life

Life is useless if it’s boring. It’s meaningless if it isn’t selfless, empty if it isn’t lived for a reason or greater purpose. Life is monotonous if it lacks passion, evil if it’s dominated by laziness, weakness, and worry, and wasted if it’s lived in the shadow of fear. Trying to describe life is like […]

If You Die Tomorrow…

The time is the Middle Ages, 1184 anno Domino, the year of our Lord. Balian, a French blacksmith, is haunted by the death of his son, and the suicide of his wife. He’s a defeated man; a lost man. He’s lost his faith and will to live. Whatever drive, hunger, and passion once burned in […]

The Brotherhood


I remember walking into the ring for my first fight, I almost couldn’t breathe. The butterflies were unlike anything I’d ever experienced. And it wasn’t because of the likelihood of pain or that chance that I could get hurt, it was because of the notion that all of the hard work I’d put in preparing […]

It Isn’t About Us: Why We Train

Why We Train

Don’t be fooled by the fitness magazines, the “fitness guru” blogs, sites, and articles, you don’t train to get a six pack. I don’t care what age you are, you’re not in the gym, working hard simply to build confidence or to get stronger, at least that’s not where it ends. Our reasons for training […]

It’s About Time You Take a Stance

Twait: the majority

There’s a fine line between taking a stance  for or against an action, and judging someone. It’s a line that has been blurred and eschewed over the past few decades to the point where they’re seen as one and the same. Taking a stance is seen as judging, and men – and women – that […]

My Mission. Will You Help Me Carry it Out?

You, like I, are on a mission to create something indelible. We’re not here for mediocrity. We’re not trying to blend in; to be amongst the crowd. We aren’t concerned with being average, with creating average lives, taking the easy path, or building average bodies. We have the fundamental understanding that life is a gift, one […]

A Real Man’s Guide to Love: Stop Looking for It.

There are too many men looking for the right lady while neglecting our own development. We think that happiness in life resides in a relationship between us, and Miss Right. It doesn’t. Finding the right woman is important. It can give our lives added meaning, motivation, and an even greater reason to wake up in […]

A Glass of Scotch, And A Mission: Be Legendary

ernest hemingway boxing, brog

What inspired Hemingway to write, nay, LIVE with such intent? Why did Teddy Roosevelt do and experience more in his life than most of us would even dare to in our dreams? Why is it that so few do, while millions more dream, think, and wish? It’s 9:31 on a Saturday night. I just finished […]

How to Lead, Succeed & Other Lessons from Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

In one of my favorite books, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, the author of the book, tells his readers to study great men (or women). To study them intimately. Study them in such depth that we know their routine, even how they think and how they’d react to situations in our own lives. Know them […]

Fuck Mediocrity and Become a Legend

John Wayne Alpha Male

Fuck mediocrity. Say that at every opportunity this year. Every time I write an article, workout, buy something, set a goal, book a trip, read an email… I’ll say The hell with mediocrity. No half-assedness, only whole-hearted and purposeful action. No small plans, only gargantuan missions. The other night my dad made a statement that […]