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7 things every man needs: exercises

7 things… I was on a plane from New York to Seattle, and I picked up an Esquire magazine for a quick read. At the back of each magazine they had a section called the “Esquire Collection”. They cover the essentials that men should have in their wardrobe. It got me thinking, what are some […]

My dog Ezra

Photo by Erica Chan Photography This article was mainly inspired by this amazing picture. It got me thinking about my dog, Ezra. I know it’s not the manliest name in the world but it’s what he’d been called for a year before we got him. This, however, didn’t stop me and my Dad from calling […]

Down in the dumps?

What triggers the blues? Depending on what stage of life you’re in, there are many different things that can be triggering your depression or just the feeling of being down in the dumps as I like to say. If you’re in your 20’s a lot of the time the triggers are career oriented. You’re wondering […]

Lift more weight, build more muscle

I’ve been at the same gym for about 3 years now, and a lot of the same people are there from when I first started going. And a lot of the guys are lifting pretty much the same weight as they were 3 years ago. They’re a little chubbier, and a lot less muscular. People […]

4 ways to get the most out of your days

Meal 1 – if you have a specific goal, plan your meals. I’m naturally not the kind of guy who plans things, I normally wing it, and planning doesn’t come easy to be, but having a plan has helped my productivity and enjoyment of life big time. Here are 4 tips that’ll help you get […]

Getting rid of the noise

Focus Focus is a word that’s thrown around a lot. “You have to focus on your career, focus on your family, focus on getting your life in order…” I see a lack of focus on at least 90% of the people in the gym every time I’m in there. There’s so much in gym’s these […]

Oh, Canada

Growing up in Canada I always admired the pride that Americans have in their country. July 4th and Thanksgiving are two of the biggest days in the year; while Canada Day is big, it doesn’t hold the same significance as does the American holiday which celebrates their independence from the Brits.

5 exercises to help you burn fat and save time

Take your fat loss to the next level, and save time while you’re at it with high intensity interval training (HIIT). The idea, like the free workout I’ve given you guys on the top right corner, is to be as intense as possible in as short of time as possible, in doing so, you burn […]

The meaning of life: part II

“Begin each day as if it were on purpose.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher Testing your own limits and conquering what you fear brings about a huge sense of accomplishment, even if you’re not completely successful in the endeavor. It’s the fact that you faced it and gave it your best shot that makes you swell […]

The meaning of life: part 1

Men (women included of course) have been exploring this question since the beginning of time, so I figure why not explore it a bit more? What is the meaning of life? Well, let’s come at it from a different angle. What gives one’s life meaning? There are a lot of things that I think give […]

3 exercises to burn the belly fat

Here are 3 great advanced exercises that’ll help you strip away the fat around your belly. Do them at the end of your workout, or in between a stint of cardio. Give them a shot, good luck!

Video article – free workout, nutrition tips

I just put up a free program on the site for you guys and gals. Just enter your email on the right and you’ll get an email with a link that’ll give you access to download the program for free. I’ve always enjoyed getting in shape but I enjoy the benefits about 100x more. Why […]