Each day is a page. Each year is a chapter. Have you ever thought about the book you’re writing?

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What story did yesterday tell?

What story did last year tell?

Think about it. Spend time meditating over it. Be mindful of the story you’re writing because no matter what kind of life you’re leading, you’re writing a story. Each day is a page in that story and thus, important. (Read This: How to Live a Story Worth Reading)

Enough days lived in ignorance will leave you with an unimpressive, uninspiring, unhappy life that lacks purpose and direction. Yet that’s how most people live – in ignorance of the importance of their hours, days, and the decisions they make within those time frames.

Don’t be ignorant. Today matters. Yesterday mattered.

What you do is who you are. It’s not just what you do or who you are in a moment, it’s a piece of who you’re becoming and the life you’re going to die having lived.

Imagine looking back when you’re eighty years old and finally realizing that everything you did mattered, that it all fit into the novel of your life and by the time you realized this, it was too late.

The greatest pain a man can have has to be the pain of regret. There isn’t a single thing that compares to it. And we make decisions that will lead to regret every day because we’re scared or ignorant of the importance of these decisions that will lead to the actions that make up the entirety of our lives.

Think about this on a macro level, about the pain of living a life that isn’t courageous or daring, and then think about these small, seemingly insignificant decisions that end up compounding and becoming massively important to the life you lead or don’t lead, depending on which road you end up taking.


Always talk to the girl. If the opportunity arises and you fancy a lady, talk to her. Don’t let that moment pass by. Enough of these moments pass and you’ll be left with whoever falls into your lap, not the person you’d have to work to get.

Always take a risk if it means enough to you. Go on the trip. Start the business. Invest. Invest your time and energy and passion into becoming someone who’s incredibly awesome rather than being safe and becoming someone who isn’t much different than the rest of the lot on the planet.

Do the things your soul begs of you to do. You know what they are. Work on becoming self-reliant enough to catch these forks in the road before they pass you by and you’re left wondering why you never acted.

Every single day matters.

They MUST be lived with a purpose, a focus, and with intent.

They cannot be wandered through aimlessly. They don’t deserve indifference. They are you, they are your life, it’s best you start acting accordingly.