find your purpose

Find Your Purpose and Follow It to Greatness

The great keep working, no matter how things are going. ~Chad Howse

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The weak depend on mood and emotion and motivation. (Read This: Address The Problem. Not Your Emotions)

If things are going well, if the mood is right, they’re working.

If things are going GREAT, they’re likely taking it easy because why work?

If the day’s off to a bad start, they’ll surf the internet, answer emails, live in avoidance of tasks they need to do to build the life they want to lead.

But the great, they keep working no matter what their mood or their situation.

I’m finishing up Elon Musk’s biography. That man, if we judge him by his work ethic, his audacity, and what he’s accomplished in an incredibly short time on this planet, is great.

And holy shit does he work.

He doesn’t let stress hold him back, nor success. Good times don’t let him rest and bad times don’t keep him away from the office.

He simply works all the time.

He works all the time in part because of the scope of his mission.


Why are you waking up early? Why are you working? What are you working toward? What are you trying to build?

Why are you here?

What’s your purpose?

Not all of us are going to be Musk’s or Napoleon’s or Jobs’ or Rockefeller’s, titans of industry, movers of economies, changers of history. But we’re all here for a reason.

And I’m guessing that deep down you think that reason is important. You think that reason is far more grand than anyone around you realizes.

So think…

Think big and audaciously.

What do you want to change or provide and who do you want to provide for?

Are you here to write great epics?

Are you here to save kids in Africa?

Are you here win the heavyweight title?

Or, are you here to be a great dad, a leader of your home, a man who provides for his family, bares their burdens without complain; a great man relegated to the shadows?

Fame isn’t – shouldn’t be – your goal. Fame is fickle. It’s a weak aspiration. It’s popularity. Musk doesn’t want fame, he wants change. Fame leaves you at the mercy of the masses, weak idiots swayed by opinion and rumour.

You here for something greater, something far deeper.

Spend a day in reflection and figure out what that purpose is.

Find what your soul is calling you to do.

Maybe it’s simply to explore, to travel, to learn, to adventure. Don’t give another day to mediocrity, to a lack of focus, devoid of the grand purpose gnawing at your being.

Figure out what that thing is and let it inspire you to victory day after day while the masses feel content with victory over only one.