Are you still trying to build your ideal body?

The question above was posed to the readers of this site last week. The responses were plenty – and each of them will be tended to. They varied from a simple, yes, to some truly heart-warming and inspiring stories, and I thank you all for the emails you sent. But I chose my words carefully. I didn’t ask Are you trying to build your ideal body? The word still needed to be there. Steffi Sorensen

The focus of this site is to inspire, but also to add blinders to your vision. The blinders on a Clydesdale exist to allow them to focus only on what’s in front of them. No distractions. That’s what we’re doing here, removing the myth from the fact, giving you the simplest, most focused road to your goals that you can possibly travel. And with the article below, we continue with that mission.

Steffi Sorensen has given us some great content already, this article builds upon the others. Check out here blog here – Steffi Sorensen’s blog – for some great fitness info. And don’t just read the following post, apply it. Take action. Make the “still” in the question above irrelevant as your ideal body is what you wake up in every day.

Are you still trying to build your ideal body?

If so, here are 5 things to think about as you strive towards a better you.

First, a quote: “you get what you put in.” Or, your results will effect your effort. Work, the gym, family, relationships, it’s all relative. How much effort your willing to put in will directly affect the benefits you reap.

Today, as the rain drop poured down, I headed home from my local gym intending to do some outdoor cardio. Could I have avoided the rain and instead moved the cardio inside? Of course. Did I? Hell no. I dragged my prowler out from the garage to the street and pull that thing in the rain. I don’t say this to boast, but to show the principle; if you want to build a great body you have to do things no one else is willing to do – namely the person you are right now living without that body.

As an side – this is Chad – this is a great point. There’s the fat you or the skinny you, and then there’s the ripped, shredded, and successful you. The two oppose each other, they’re nothing like one another. They do completely different things. You have to be the ripped you. You have to train when the fat you would rather watch TV. Be the ripped you. The fat you doesn’t exist anymore.

With that, who’s ready to workout?? Lets look at 5 different areas where you can tweak some things to kick start that ideal build you want.

5. Who are you training with?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes your training partner can either help or hinder your success in the gym. Too much extra talking, too much extra spotting can negate your gains. Sometimes working out alone can better your focus, and keep your ego in check because you will have to do all the weight yourself.

And for those currently working out solo, maybe its time to get a workout partner. Someone to motivate you, hold you accountable, and push you for more reps. Consider a change if you’re in a rut. Be wise with your selection though. Try and get a partner who’s in better shape than you are right now. They’ve done what they need to do, now you need to learn what that looks and feels like.

4. Where are you training? 

I recently switched gyms and it really makes a big difference. I know a lot of people who become complacent at the same gym, with the same people, at the same times, the same equipment etc. Complacency is the enemy in the drive to building your ideal body.

Have you considered switching up gyms for new scenery, new machines, new peanut gallery? Maybe you like your current gym. If so, how about taking some workouts outdoors? I think much of the battle for physical excellence is mental. Be adventurous, be rugged, go outside, find new ways to become motivated, and your body will respond.

Here’s a great workout you can use outdoors – Travel Trainer.

3. What rep range are you focusing on? 

Recently, I decided to take a break from the 3-6 rep range for a few weeks and threw in 12-15 reps for my lifts. What a difference that made. Not necessarily just physically but mentally, training low reps brings a different attitude. You know you are about to lift something heavy as shit, but only for a few reps.

This is great for improving strength, power, and adding size to your muscles, but after a while you can plateau if you’re consistently sticking to that same range. And sometimes its just good for your body to take a few weeks off heavy lifting and focus on a higher rep range. It can rejuvenate your workouts. If you’re currently in the 12-15 range, switch to heavy, varying up your rep range can be a huge difference in physique.

2. How dedicated are you? 

This is a question that you have to answer and be honest with yourself about. If you’re on the right path, then stay on it. Don’t allow the retractors to force you down another path. People love to see others fail, don’t let them. If you have noticed that you aren’t as dedicated as you’d like to be, then make a change.

If you don’t like something, CHANGE IT. It takes 90 days to break a habit, and 90 days to make a habit. If you’re still reading this then it’s safe to assume your interested in reaching your top physique. I mentioned complacency, before, being the enemy, well dedication is your best friend. Keep the two away from each other, and be mindful of when one is taking precedence over the other.



I saved this for last because if you are trying to be the best version of you, your level of fearlessness much reach new heights. What else is there to lose? Nothing. I want you to push new boundaries. Try new exercises. Olympic lifts? Throw some in there. Drop sets, go. Giant sets, do it. Do things you’ve never done. Don’t say no to anything. As physically beneficial as that can be, it builds confidence. With confidence comes valor, grit, and toughness. All things needed to achieve your ideal build.

Train Hard, Be Happy.

Parting Thoughts From Chad

Great article from Steffi. Again, check out her site and like her fan page.

Building your IDEAL body sounds like a massive task and a long road, and it is. So if I could add one thing to this article it would be to focus on the tasks and the things that will get you that body, not on the end goal. All you have to worry about is doing the things that will get you the body.

Follow what’s in this article. If you workout 4-5 days a week, and work hard, and focus on eating the right stuff 90% of the time, you’d be surprised how fast your physique can change. But you have to take action to make that change. On the shop page, I have a ton of resources for you. Take advantage of them. Make this future goal not some pipe dream, but a reality in your near future that you’re working everyday to accomplish. And be Legendary.