Are you still trying to build your ideal body?

The question above was posed to the readers of this site last week. The responses were plenty – and each of them will be tended to. They varied from a simple, yes, to some truly heart-warming and inspiring stories, and I thank you all for the emails you sent. But I chose my words carefully. I didn’t ask Are […]

The System That Changed My Life: the PowerHowse Challenge

ebook covers - powerhowse challenge

In the past week I’ve mentioned the system that helped me build 32 pounds in 32 weeks a few times, but I have yet to get into detail about what it really is. So here we go… Just over a year ago I began writing a book. I had no title, but I had a […]

Building the “V”

skinny guys build muscle

Pulling exercises such as the lat pulldown (above) help our shoulders look broader and waste look thinner. Quick note: Needed 25 comments on the last blog to get you guys the 10-Minute Abs-Shredding workout. Didn’t quite get there, I’ll give it another shot in a week or so. Thanks for all the comments! The ideal […]

Build Shoulders She Can Lean On

dwight howard shoulders

Dwight Howard has some freaky genetics, but he’s built himself from a skinny, wiry, guy to a powerful athlete. It’s no secret that the ladies enjoy a nice pair of shoulders on a guy. But how do you actually build broader, more athletic shoulders? And are they a matter of genetics or can a man […]

Build the Body Women Want: Stretching

Jason Statham - Build Lean Muscle

Jason Statham “knocking around” Semmy Schilt in “the Transporter 3“. How the hell does stretching help you build the body women want?!? I was going to do an article highlighting the benefits of stretching, but thought I’d bring back a series I was doing a couple weeks ago, which is actually one of the benefits […]

Our Biggest Obstacle: Ourselves

uncle sam

Nothing is impossible when it comes to building an attractive and sexy body. If you’re overweight, you can lose fat, build muscle, get 6 pack abs and have a body you and everyone else around you finds attractive. If you’re underweight and skinny, you can build muscle, add lean mass to your skinny frame and build a […]

the Body Women Want: Chest + Back

Hugh Jackman - Jacked

Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine”. As we discussed in the first article in the series, “Building the Body Women Want,” we talked about what type of physique a women finds most desirable. It’s not the massive, steroid injecting, freak that most women will be attracted to. It’s also not the guy who’s carrying too much fat […]

the Body Women Want: Shoulders

James Bond - Athletic Body

Daniel Craig looked lean and athletic in the Bond movies, without overdoing it. Part II: Shoulders In the last article I talked about building a body that women find attractive. It’s not the overdone, muscular freak, nor is it the fat guy or the skinny guy that most women find appealing. It’s the guy who […]

Build the Body Women Want


Christian Bale did a good job bulking up for Batman Begins. Recognize your motivation and be real with it. EVERY guy wants a body women find attractive. It might not be your #1 reason for working out, maybe not even your 3rd, 4th, or 5th, but on some level we all want a body that […]