How To Develop Strength. Courage. And Look Good Naked.

Aniston Naked

Vulnerability. That annoying little thing that women want from us. They want us to expose our feelings. Share what’s inside. “Tell me what you’re feeling… inside.” “Express your feelings!” “Communicate!” So many arguments between men and women begin and end with our inability to express our feelings, and their abundant need to do so. It’s […]

Why We’re Fat: The Missing Link

Caveman Workout

The hunt. Spear, firmly gripped in my hands. The beast stands proud, ears erect, unaware that he will soon provide my family with a much needed meal. The ground is dry. If I’m not careful, the twigs and branches beneath my feet can alert the animal at any moment. I lie waiting for the right […]

Being a Warrior not a Worrier


Mr. Eastwood. What it means to be a real man… a bit of a rant… A couple of weeks back I did a quick little series called “Becoming a Warrior“, and it got me thinking about the makeup of a warrior from a mental standpoint. What sets a warrior apart from everybody else? A warrior, […]

Becoming a Warrior: Courage


Mel Gibson in ‘Braveheart‘, the story of the life of William Wallace. As I said in the last article, courage might be the easiest characteristic of a warrior to explain and to understand, but it’s probably the hardest quality to actually practice. What is courage? I’m not going to give a dictionary definition, that’s been done. By […]

Becoming a Warrior


When we think of an example of a warrior we think of battle, we think of William Wallace (Braveheart) or Maximus (Gladiator) – above. But how can we become a modern day warrior? How can we show the same honor, valor, courage and strength that both of these men showed in their relatively brief existence? […]

Build Muscle and Become a Better Athlete

Build muscle and athleticism

The latest “Rocky” movie had a pretty bad ass training montage. Thanks for the emails that you guys have been sending me. I’ve been getting some great questions that let me know specifically what goals you have and which solutions I can provide to help you reach those goals. So again, keep up with the […]