10 Qualities of a Modern Day Warrior

I hate putting the word “modern” next to the word warrior. Once a warrior always a warrior, I say. But the realities of our world are far different from those of warriors past; at least they appear to be on the surface… The circumstances have changed. In the past a warrior knew his enemy. He fought […]

10 Ways to Tell If You’re Dating a Warrior Or a Coward

Ah the warrior and the coward; two men in opposition of one another. While one hides, the other fights. And while one stays calm, the other lashes out in fear. A warrior is the ideal, it’s what every woman should want, even though they’re in short supply. A man isn’t born a warrior. Although he may […]

Want to Be Legendary: Be Different

I grew up with some of the greatest parents a young lad could have. They taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to do. They taught me the valuable lesson of hard work, and of acting with honor and courage. They showed me how to be a man by making sacrifices for […]

If You Die Tomorrow…

The time is the Middle Ages, 1184 anno Domino, the year of our Lord. Balian, a French blacksmith, is haunted by the death of his son, and the suicide of his wife. He’s a defeated man; a lost man. He’s lost his faith and will to live. Whatever drive, hunger, and passion once burned in […]

Why War is a Good Thing, If You’re a Warrior

Men have been warriors as long as we’ve, well, been. It’s when a man is a warrior, that he is at his greatest. It’s when he’s at battle that he rises to his greatest self. It’s no wonder that many of the greatest men in history are also those who’ve faced the greatest trials. It’s also […]

Where’s Our Battlefield?


Physical strength, for me, has been a means to strengthen other areas of my life. It’s lifted up my entrepreneurial spirit, helped me tackle obstacles with a confidence that only comes from knowing you can accomplish something, anything, you set your mind to. Looking like a warrior, physically, has magnified the warrior within me, mentally, emotionally, […]

The Warrior Within

the warrior within

There’s a spark within every man. In some, this spark is given kindling, and it grows into a fire. The fire that burns bright, it rages, it dissipates, it’s stomped out at times, but it’s there. In others, that spark is never fed. The fire never rages. Life never gets the passion or the meaning […]

How to Be a Warrior in the 21st Century


When I was a fighter, I was tougher. I lived more like a warrior. It wasn’t just the fact that I was in the ring throwing and taking punches. It was my lifestyle. I practiced toughness. I didn’t talk to people as much. I didn’t look at my phone as often or check my email as […]