Why You’re Living a Small Life & How to Change

Silhouette of Afonso Henriques statue in Guimaraes Portugal. Eur

Turning right I see a line up of guys leaning against graffiti covered walls acting as guards of the town or the neighborhood or merely their building, I don’t know. Their eyes glare at an individual who is clearly not from around these parts as I look at the street names, then back down at […]

Why Michael Jordan Didn’t Fear Failure

What was once a basketball court, a boxing gym, or an ice rink, is now the office and the coffee shop. As I sit here writing this article, not yet aware of where it will lead me, I’m struck with a familiar feeling. It’s quiet. There’s no sound except for some background music turned to […]

How Fear Will Shape Your Legacy

How a man views fear will shape his life, his love, and his legacy. From a young age we’re taught to use fear as a gage. If something scares us, we are to stay away from it. If something is safe, we gravitate towards it. We’re taught that fear as a mechanism to keep us […]

7 Controllable Emotions That Keep You Fat, Weak, And Broke.

Michael Jordan Success

Everything which man creates begins in the form of a thought impulse. Man can create nothing which he does not first conceive in thought. Through the aid of the imagination, thought impulses may be assembled into plans. The imagination, when under control, may be used for the creation of plans or purposes that lead to […]