A Bucket List Fit for a Legend


I’d rather spend my money on experiences or on my business than on things. It’s a realization I had a couple years ago whilst sitting with a pal, pint of Guinness in me hand, cigar in me mouth talking about cars and trucks and other things that are of little significance in life’s grander scheme […]

Bucket List: Springsteen, Esquire and Golf


I’m back with 3 new additions to my bucket list. I’m currently writing the 7th chapter of an ebook that will be ready for you guys sometime in October. The chapter I’m working on right now is focused around what it takes to be successful, one aspect is having clear goals and the work ethic […]

The Bucket List: Hollywood, Lambo’s, and Family

The Bucket List

14. Be in a Hollywood movie. I mean a real legit movie. Not a small budget one that no one’ll ever see, but a movie that I’d actually enjoy or go to see. I’m really in no position to be picky, I’ve never even been an extra or had any kind of role in a […]

Bucket List: fine wine-ing and family wishes

bucket list

(cigar in-hand. no 12 on the list) It’s coming to the end of the month and I figured it’s about time for a few new things to add to my bucket list: the list of things I want to accomplish before I take my dirt nap.

7 things I’m passionate about – Part 1

7 Things to be Passionate About

Cigars and good people: 2 things to be passionate about. Why waste your time on things you’re not passionate about? It’s useless. There are things that are necessary, but I’m talking about the things you just do for no reason and end up spending hours doing them.

The Bucket List: continued

birra moretti - Little Italy

Here’s me with a glass of Birra Moretti, one of my favorite beers, in New York’s Little Italy. A place I’ve always wanted to visit. Things I’d like to do before I kick the bucket.

The Bucket List

Bucket List - White Shark

A ‘Bucket List‘ is a list of things you’d like to accomplish or experience before you kick the bucket – or die.