Building the “V”

skinny guys build muscle

Pulling exercises such as the lat pulldown (above) help our shoulders look broader and waste look thinner. Quick note: Needed 25 comments on the last blog to get you guys the 10-Minute Abs-Shredding workout. Didn’t quite get there, I’ll give it another shot in a week or so. Thanks for all the comments! The ideal […]

3 Tips to Dress the Body Women Want


Mark Wahlberg Visiting a tailor: money well spent Finding dress shirts, suits, even polo’s, jeans, and slacks that fit how they’re actually supposed to is nearly impossible. I have NEVER found a dress shirt that fits properly and odds are you’re in the same boat. Dress shirts are usually fit for the bodies of the […]

Single Limb Training: Pulls

Hey guys here’s another quick routine for single limb training. I’ve had imbalances in my shoulders and back muscles primarily due to sports (basketball and boxing) where you’re in an angled stance with your dominant hand in front or at the back of the stance for the majority of the time – ie. orthodox stance […]

Build the Body Women Want: Stretching

Jason Statham - Build Lean Muscle

Jason Statham “knocking around” Semmy Schilt in “the Transporter 3“. How the hell does stretching help you build the body women want?!? I was going to do an article highlighting the benefits of stretching, but thought I’d bring back a series I was doing a couple weeks ago, which is actually one of the benefits […]

Build the Body Women Want: Legs + Glutes

Francesco Totti - Muscle legs

I had to give soccer or football some love for this, the final article in the series. Here’s Francesco Totti, the “Prince” of Italian football. I’ll go right ahead and say it, your legs – including your glutes – are the most important muscles when developing an athletic, muscular and lean body that women will […]

Build the Body Women Want: Abs

Roy Jones JR. Abs

Roy Jones Jr. was pretty cut up in his prime. Actually still is, he just can’t fight like he used to. Ladies enjoy seeing a good set of abs, I think that’s a no brainer. Having a lean mid-section makes that “X” or “V” shaped physique complete. You can have a muscular and athletic upper […]