In the coming few days I’m going to be giving you a TON of new info on how to naturally increase your testosterone levels.

It’s stuff you’ve never heard.

It’s going to clarify a lot of the myths out there and it’s going to help you understand what you can do TODAY that will yield the best results…

… no pills, powders, or potions necessary.

We’ll start it off with a youtube video that will clarify something I get asked about A LOT via email.

Now, that’s the physical.

Testosterone is the hormone that will help you perform more efficiently.

You’ll have an easier time burning fat.

You’ll be able to recover faster, and you’ll even have a less likelihood of experiencing depression.

You need optimal testosterone levels to be at you best physically and mentally.

With testosterone, most people try to complicate the process of achieving high, natural levels.

The reality is that producing higher T in your body is simply a matter of doing the things that will help you produce more testosterone and more free T, and avoiding the things that will bring your estrogen and cortisol levels up.

In other words, creating optimal T levels is simply a matter of ‘do this and don’t do that’.

It’s really that simple (or at least it should be).

The truth is, everything should be that simple.

Which brings me to a challenge I have for you today.

To perform your best during the run of a day, you should simplify – you NEED to simplify.

What follows is a 3-part task that is designed to bring clarity.

Clarity is simply knowing what needs to be done, and doing it.

Figuring out what we should focus on and work on is often the difficult part, and the aspect of life, work, health, that few take time to focus on. So, we work on whatever lands on our desks or in our brains without determining if it’s worth the time and effort, or if there’s something better than we could be focusing on.

Before we move to testosterone tomorrow, spend the evening or afternoon answering these questions and following these steps.

1. The end goal.

You can have this as big and broad as you like, or as specific as you like.

What is it that you want to accomplish?

Let’s choose something simple, like building a million-dollar a year business (I say simple because the measurement is very clear).

This could be saving x amount of dollars or writing a book or whatever you want. It’s the thing you most want to accomplish, not the thing you’d just like to accomplish.

2. Determine what will bring the highest returns for your time.

There’s a lot you can focus on in your quest to build a million-dollar a year business, but there’s only one thing that will get you closer to that million dollars faster.

It could be a product, a promotion, a book, a series of articles or videos. There’s something that you’re working on that has to potential to yield the highest returns.

For me, for example, it’s a program I’ve been working on for a while. It will help the most people, by far, and it will attract the most people to this business. (Read This: How to Use Your Time Like a Winner)

Thus, that deserves my best hours.

Then determine the second most important thing you should be working on, and then the third. And that’s it.

3. Block your time off and allow only 1 thing.

Determine what your best hours are.

Have two ‘best hour’ blocks that are 90-minutes each.

Dedicate these two blocks to this one thing. Then dedicate other time to your 2nd and third priorities.

A ‘block’ means the internet is shut off. Your phone’s off. There’s only one thing you can focus on and it’s the thing that will get you closest to your goal in the least amount of time.

You can apply these steps to anything.

Rather than just doing whatever comes to you, take time to think about what you should be doing and whether it’s the best thing for you to do.

Too often we become busy with things that create mediocrity. The things we work on are too often the things we should delegate or leave for the later hours in the day.

Give your best hours to your best tasks.



Get after it.