How to Use Your Time Like a Winner

You are what you spend your time doing. ~Chad Howse

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Time is life. We either use it or we waste it. We either use it to improve, grow, and experience, or we use it to waste, hate, and lose. (Read This: A Serious Look at How You Use Time)

Losers spend their time complaining.

They whine and wish things were different. They hate those that have what they want and have done what they want to do. They loathe the hustle, they make excuses for their failures and them being utter little bitches. They spend their entire lives in avoidance of what the people they hate are doing, and they hate them because they’re doing what they’d ideally like to do if they had the balls to do it.

Winners (this is you) use their time, all of their time. They use it to become better, tougher, smarter, and wiser. They use their time to live. They talk about ideas not others. They think about goals, dreams, the work that must be done, not about what someone else is doing.

Winners like liberty; losers like to control what other people are doing.

Winners know that envy, that complaining and whining and wishing are all fruitless and destructive uses of time. So they don’t do them.

What’s so bloody powerful about being a winner or a loser, a liver or a wisher, is that it’s completely under your control.

Living is a choice. It’s taking risks, working hard, and taking some more risks while working hard.

Being a loser is easy. It’s what the masses do. It’s existing in avoidance of life. It’s easy to do because you never have to put yourself out there. You never have to risk anything or see what you’re made of.

You’re allowed to be afraid and stay afraid, avoiding the source of said fear of your entire life if you’re a loser.

Either way, whether you choose to win or lose, you CHOOSE. Have the balls to choose wisely.