This might seem completely random…

But recently we talked about confidence.

You cannot be confident if your life is a mess.

If you’re all over the place, you’re not moving in a singular direction (forward).

I learned a little lesson about this last week.

I’d been letting my house slide a bit under the guise of being too busy.

Being too busy is a myth, of course, you have time for anything if you increase it in your list of priorities.

My house was getting messy.

I made the decision to get my lady over to help me clean it, in a sense pretending like I needed someone to show me how to get it done (weak).

Well, on the day she was supposed to come over to help out I got started early so she wouldn’t have to do much work, just kind of point out where I need to clean and help tidy up a bit.

Good idea.

I ended up getting it all done before she could come over.

Cool, you cleaned your house, pal. So what?

It’s not the act of cleaning, it’s the feeling of having everything in it’s place, clean, tidy, so you can do what you have to do to win at life. (Read This: 2 Things Winners Do That No One Else Does)

I can’t completely explain it, but I feel like I’m winning. Like a winner.

I have more energy than when my house is a mess. I dress better. I do better work, more work.

Emails pour in about confidence.

Well, you’re not going to have it if you don’t have your shit together.

Read that however you like, but there are times, repeatedly, where I let an area of my life slip. That’s not completely having my shit together.

Sometimes it’s the house, or the yard, or the diet or even the training (rare), but when I’m actively ensuring that every area of my life is as it should be, I’m a winner.

I really don’t mean to say that arrogantly, because there’s too much I need to know and to learn for me to even have an arrogant thought…


It’s weak to always say ‘I feel like a winner’ or ‘I think I’m a winner’.

You are or you aren’t.

No more thoughts or feelings, just be a winner and start by shoring up every damn aspect of your life. (Read This: How to Think Like a Winner)

Clean your house.

Clean your room.

Make your bed every day.

The act of accomplishing something, anything, is powerful. When you combine that with the feeling of being free from clutter, your life becomes better.