how to think like a winner

How to Think Like a Winner

A positive mind is happy. A negative mind isn’t. Their circumstances are irrelevant.

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The life you have is a product of how you think. Your circumstances are irrelevant.

Be aware of how you think. Be self-aware enough to call yourself out on a false narrative you’re feeding yourself. As a negative thinker, an excuse-maker, you prevent yourself from seeing a positive truth and opportunity.

When you don’t think you can do something, when you don’t completely believe that you can possibly achieve something grand, you never even attempt to give it your all in pursuit of whatever it is that your soul, the very core of your being begs you to accomplish.

We need accomplishment as humans to feel fulfilled. We need accomplishment because it’s evidence that we’re useful, that we’re here for a good reason, a worthy reason.

Accomplishment is evidence that we’ve lived. It’s proof that we’ve at least come close to reaching our potential.

The greatest tragedy in life is wasted talent, and it’s a tragedy that 99.999% of the people on this planet and especially in our society realize without ever completely ‘realizing it’.

Accomplishment is dependent on a positive mind-frame. You can’t win if you’re limited in how you think. If you’re constantly providing excuses for why you can’t do what you dream of doing, you’ll not only never be successful, but you’ll never reach your potential.

You’ll die with everything left in the tank.

That’s a horrible reality to be faced with, that you didn’t give life your all because you didn’t believe that you could do what you wanted to do.

It’s cowardice. It’s excusing yourself from life and from the wonderful life you can have because you’re afraid.

Negativity is fear. It’s being afraid. It’s choosing to see a dark side when there’s a light side right in front of your face.

Courage is being positive. It’s seeing how a negative is actually an opportunity disguised as crisis. It’s isn’t ‘turning a negative into a positive’. It isn’t blindly seeing positive things or thinking something bad is actually good. It’s finding opportunity that requires risk and work where others see risk and work as dangerous, as scary, as things they ultimately want to avoid.

Have courage. Have accomplishment and success and victory. See life in a positive light, not in the negative tone that most people see it in and are robbed of the life they could have had if they’d chosen to see things from a different perspective.