The other day we talked about identifying the single thing, be that in our work or free time or whatever…

… the truth is that there’s no such thing as ‘free time’.

There is only time.

It is used however we want to use it.

In every aspect of our lives we have a choice of how we use our time.

We can use it for the things that matter, like accomplishment, family, adventure, relationships, and so on.

Or we can use it to worry, cry, whine, bitch and envy.

We can spend it on our phones or face-to-face with another human being.

The pace of our lives today is furious.

We rise, we work, we’re always engaged in something, even if that thing is sitting on our asses in front of the TV. We’re always in front of a screen or rushing around trying to get something done, anything done. (Read This: How to Use Your Time Like a Winner)

The question I ask myself a fair bit is, am I too busy to be doing what I want to do or what I should be doing?

If I am, I’m being busy on the wrong things.

I could simply be too busy being a lazy bastard to be creating enough time to spend with the lady or in the mountains or at the range or with the fellas.

We can always create time by eliminating the things in our lives that don’t demand our attention.

We talk about this in the Lost Art of Discipline, determining what demands our time, and then crafting the routine and the structure in our day so we spend our time only on the things that matter.

Here’s a challenge that I give in the Lost Art

Move slowly for a day.

It sounds weird and odd for our fast-paced culture, but try it.

Drive slow.

Walk slow.

Think more slowly.

You’ll find a couple things:

  1. You’re going to be far less stressed and less rushed.
  2. You’re going to find that even though you’re moving slower you’re not going to miss anything or be late for anything.
  3. You’re going to afford yourself more time to think, be purposeful, and be present.

It’s being present that we all too often miss out on.

We’re always elsewhere.

We’re not present in our bodies nor our minds nor our interactions with others.

Try it.

Move more slowly for the day.

Also, pick up the Lost Art of Discipline, I’ve put it on a massive sale just for the day.

Over 1,000 guys have already taken action on it and the feedback has been incredible.