Potential is nothing. Dreams are nothing. When work is everything, winning is the result.

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Every single human on the face of this planet is ambitious in theory.

We all want something extraordinary, even though we all define it differently. Yet, less than 1% of 1% of said humans ever realize their potential. (Read This: Find Your Potential by Identifying It)

Rather than dreaming, the great find a path that is their own and work hard every day at making it a better path.

They don’t follow the pack. They don’t seek out the roads most often travelled. They see that the masses aren’t completely happy or fulfilled so doing things a different way can also be a better way.

The key, though, is that work is everything. They understand the connection between hard work and persistence, and accomplishment.

Quitting doesn’t make as much sense to a winner as it does to a loser. Losers love to quit. They love to feel victimized because that excuses them from doing their absolute best.

No matter where they are in life, winners cannot be victims. Even in prison, winners find opportunity, they create a better way.

Think about your own life, do you think you’re a victim of something?

Do you feel as though you are where you are because of what someone else did?

Even if it’s true, winners won’t see it as such, they’ll only see what they have control over, and the majority of the time that thing is how hard they work.

Forget where you’re born. Forget who you’re born to. Forget your talents and your passions. Are you working hard enough and for a long enough time and smart enough?

Let’s say you sleep for 6 hours a night.

That leaves 18 waking hours. You work for 8-10 (you should be able to get everything you want to get done within those hours), what are you doing with the other 10-12 hours?

Are you improving yourself?

Are you using that time to read and learn and strengthen your mind?

Are you using that time to strengthen your body?

Or, are you like the masses who sit their asses down and watch an average of 3 hours of TV a day?

The winner uses this ‘free time’ to improve. The loser doesn’t only waste this time, he gives it to things that make him dumber, fatter, and weaker.

You can be either.

The choice is stark. It’s black and white. It’s win or lose. It’s work versus uselessness.

I can’t see how we – myself included – choose to be losers at times. It makes no sense to give your time to something that destroys you, yet that seems to be the human way.

Think about moments in your life, like after work or before work or your weekends. Are you using that time to improve?

You know you want to be better every day, well that task is a very simple one to perform. Simply use your off-time in a beneficial way every single day and you’ll reach a point in your life where you can’t believe who you’ve become and what you’ve done simply because you’ve committed yourself to using your time in a beneficial way rather than a destructive way.