Life Should Happen On Purpose

A life should happen on purpose. Yet, most allow it to go along for no good reason.

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Discipline is freedom. The more discipline you have over your thoughts, emotions, desires, and days, the more control you wield over your life.

Few have discipline. Few have real purpose. Even fewer have a real plan for their lives and it shows in how their days are run.

A day is a page of a book and, as such, it cannot be written without a reason or direction, as a part of a bigger narrative.

Have Your Day Reflect Your Purpose

We all have dreams but we don’t bring those dreams into our daily lives. We have grand goals that we relegate to that moment we shut our eyes to sleep. There are a few, however, that recognize that their dreams and goals are within their grasp if only they focus on the right things every day.

That came out wrong; it shouldn’t be ‘the right things’, but the right thing.

All of your attention at a given moment should be placed on a single thing. There should be no multi-task attempts nor divided attention. You should spend time figuring out what best requires your attention as well.

Don’t merely give your time to anything that crosses your desk. Be purposeful in how you focus. Let the routine of your day be a microcosm of the life you want to create or the goal you want to achieve.

Be Who You Dream About Becoming

The thing that doesn’t necessarily require an abundance of time is the man your dreams depend on. You can become him and act like him right now.

You know he’s going to be disciplined. He’s not going to be a slave to his desires. He’ll have complete control over his focus and what he does daily.

He won’t be lazy or envious of others. He understands that what he wants takes work and persistence. He won’t complain, ever.

He’ll be confident, and yes, confidence is a choice. You can be confident wherever you are in life and the evidence for said confidence doesn’t have to align with the confidence.

He’s going to be interesting and interested in others. Do the things you genuinely want to do.

Don’t Wait

The biggest mistake many of us make is that we wait both to become who our dreams depend on us becoming, or we wait do to the things that those goals require us to do in order for us to finally achieve them.

Don’t wait. Waiting to improve or learn or become something that you can be in the present is silly, fearful, and lazy.

Jump into the fire. You’ll survive, learn, and eventually thrive.