3 Hacks That Help You Thrive

Imagine if you could use every waking hour for good, for improvement, to help you become a better, stronger, more learned man? (Read This: Can Men Still Become Great?)

That would be awesome. Most of us, however, get caught up catching up on our favourite TV show, or just stuck on our asses watching TV for hours.

There are two quotes that I look at to start every day that help me stay away from ease and laziness:


Hustling non-stop can be a difficult thing to do. It’s not that hustling non-stop isn’t a great thing, but why not work more efficiently and effectively and use what turns out to be wasted time in your day, for good?

Hence, the hacks that are to come.

Each will help you strengthen an area of your body or mind. Some are quick and help you save time, others help you save time down the road. Each, however, should be implemented daily if you want to end each day better than before.

1. Audiobooks.

When I’m taking Teddy out for a walk it’s just me and him, no headphones, just nature and that great dog. When I’m driving, however, I like to learn. Be it history, business, whatever, here are 3 books I’m listening to or have recently listened to, that I’d highly recommend.

Rebel Yell 

I don’t – or didn’t – know much about the legend they call Stonewall, so I wanted to learn more. Here’s a guy with immense faith, a faith that didn’t keep him timid, instead let him evolve into one of histories greatest warriors.

The man is an interesting figure. A guy who’s faced enough hardship to last 3 lifetimes, and yet his faith guides him through each tribulation. He accepts the bad, because there’s nothing worse than someone who refuses to accept that a bad situation really exists, and does what he can to push forward.

The Power of Positive Thinking 

I started reading the book and decided to have the audiobook accompany it to reinforce what I was reading. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty annoyed with our recent Canadian election where the masses came out to vote in an idiot (he’s a genuinely stupid human) who wants to reward laziness and punish hard work. He’s an apologist for those who go overseas and join ISIS – and he actually wants to allow them to remain citizens.

In short, he’s a pussy, and a dumb one at that. So the idea that he got so many votes has made my mind wander down a cynical path that I just don’t want to venture toward, down, or anywhere near. Thus, the book.

Positive thoughts lead to a positive and fulfilled life, but things like an election, like getting fired, laid off, dumped, can lead us to think negatively about ourselves and our society.


Don’t let negativity take hold. Pick up the book, or listen to the audiobook.

Good to Great 

This is maybe the best business book ever written, I kid you not. If you really want to learn how to build a good, strong, successful company, read this – or listen to this – book.

I’m still working through and going back on much of what is written. There’s a lot to it. The case studies and the criteria for said case studies are wonderfully thought out and consistent, and the tips in this book apply to life, not just business.

Must read/listen.

2. Nutrition

There’s one big nutrition “hack” I use, and it has to do with a nutrition weak-point or flaw in my own life that centers around vegetable intake.

Whole food pretty much always wins over processed foods or supplements. Athletic Greens, the greens supplement I take twice a day, everyday, is absolutely vital. It’ll replace your multi, as well as your zinc. I’ve never been sick whilst on AG, and it’s something that I’ll stick with forever.

If you’re a busy guy who just doesn’t eat enough vegetables, pick up Athletic Greens, even one scoop a day is the equivalent of 12 servings of veggies, and they’re veggies that you’re just not going to get in the right amount or variety otherwise.

Check out Athletic Greens Here 

3. Recovery

Recovery, as I’ve had to learn over the years, is something that you have to actively do, daily, even first thing in the morning, in order to prevent injuries from occurring. If you wait for the injury to happen to begin work on helping your muscles find balance and your joints heal, you’re behind the eight ball.

Thus, I’ve started “foam” rolling daily, every morning when I wake up, right when I start reading. We go through how to foam roll and actively help your muscles recover in our Average 2 Alpha Members Program (gain access to it here for $1 ).

All you need is a good foam roller (don’t actually get one that’s foam, get one like this: Foam Roller)

Spend 15 minutes a day working through your legs, hips, and back, and you’ll stay on top of your injuries before they ever occur.

What Would You Add to This List?

What do you do daily that you’d add to a list like this?

Let me know in the comments section!