You prove why you were born every day and every minute by the things you do and by the things you don’t do. ~Chad Howse

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There are a lot of babies that don’t make it out of the womb. There are others who die in infancy.

There are children and teens who die early deaths and here I sit thinking about what it is I should be doing. (Read This: How to Use Your Time Like a Winner)

Every minute I give a reason for my life. I determine whether it’s a good reason or a bad one, whether I’m worthy of the gift of life or whether it was wasted on me.

The harsh reality is that most of our lives are wasted. Many spend more time in avoidance than in actual action. Many others set to be mediocre not understanding the travesty of such a pursuit, the waste of such an attempt when the choice to pursue something greater is also on the table.

Few live with the tenacity of someone who understands that, not only are their days numbered, but millions didn’t even get the chance at the thing they now waste in laziness and mediocrity.

We prove we’re worth the chance by living.

Living, however, isn’t found in seeking safety nor falling in line. Living is using fear as a compass, something to guide you to, not from.

Living isn’t found in ease but in challenges, and in constantly finding greater challenges.

It exists in daring greatly, getting into the arena of life and getting your ass kicked while you’re in there, but getting up time and time again.

Life isn’t found in self-pity, in envy, in the narcissism and cynicism that pervades so much of our society.

Are you worth the gift?

To be honest, in the past few days I haven’t been. Life’s been a struggle. Work has seemed like I’m pushing a boulder uphill and by day’s end it seems like I’ve only moved a few feet. It’s been a chore not a challenge.

The choice is to slow or speed up, to pause or jolt the system into getting back on track, because to waste a day is a horrible thing, let alone a couple, or even a week or year or decade living life as someone other than the best man you can possibly become, and in NO scenario is that man not an action-taker, a risk-taker, a fear-facer, and an ass-kicker.

So, again, are you worth the gift that so few ever get a chance to experience?

Are you waking up trying to prove why or how you are or are you living a life of fear, in avoidance of the path that, deep down, you know you have to take you’re just being a scared little bitch avoiding the first few steps down a path that will push you like you’ve never been pushed and test you like you’ve never been tested, and the fear that you’ll fail or that you’re not worthy of what you want in life is keeping you from taking those first few steps.


The difference between those who prove their worthiness and those who never break out of the mediocre existence they’ve slid into is what both groups – the former being a rarity – expect from themselves, and in return, from life.

Think about your expectations because you’ve likely grown to expect things you really don’t want to expect, and what you expect, you get.

I’m in this boat for sure, but I’m working on changing this.

You have to expect more from yourself and you have to change your wants to expectations and then align your actions with those expectations if you’re going to not only prove you’re worthy of this gift of life, but squeeze every ounce of life from the days you’re here.

Every year we’re shown how fast time flies. I’ve been asked how long I’ve had this business for and my go to answer is always 4 years, but the first article I wrote was in October of 2009, that’s 7 damn years!

Am I further along than when I started? Yup. Am I where I expect to be? Probably. Am I where I want to be or am I who I want to be? Fuck no.

Change desires to expectations and match your daily actions with said expectations.

Expect to have more energy. Expect more work at a higher quality. Expect to be paid what you’re worth and show what you’re worth by producing better and better work on a daily basis.

Define very clearly who you expect to be both mentally, spiritually, and where your character and integrity are concerned.

Define very clearly what you expect to do in this life. This is both what you give this worth in your work and what you get from this life in your adventures and pursuits.

Get at it.

First see what it is, then do what it requires.