Nothing matters in this life but the work you do. ~Chad Howse

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I’ve been a lazy bastard today. Talking always does that to me. I love the podcast, but it’s not natural for me to talk, I like to sit in silence and write. So it drains me. And here I go providing an excuse for my laziness – man the fuck up Chad!

Thankfully it’s only noon and I have worked. I’ve accomplished. I’ve done stuff, read, and now I’m sitting down at my computer to actually work.

Here’s the reality of life, I do not matter.

That is, my mood, that’s holding me back, the obstacles, the energy levels, the intentions I’ve laid out, they matter little. The work is all that matters.

And it doesn’t really matter what the work is. The work, whether it’s sweeping streets, collecting garbage, learning, travelling, parenting, serving, is why we’re here.

We’re here to do.

We’re here to learn.

We’re here to explore and push and see what we’re made of.

In everything, every endeavor, every adventure, there are things that test us, things that we don’t want to do, like my lazy ass with these articles today. (Read This: Are You Tired? No One Cares)

If we don’t do them, we serve no purpose.

If we don’t do them we’re selfish and we leave nothing for others, nothing to benefit others.

The mood, the tiredness, the sadness, whatever aims to keep us away from the work is irrelevant. And so, I sit down next to Teddy and his boar bone and start to write fully aware that I was being a little bitch earlier in the day and completely focused on the long list of stuff I need to do to be of value.

Next time you’re tired or lazy or feeling sorry for yourself, quit it. Stop giving into your weakness and work.

God bless.