7 Badass Exercises You’re Not Doing

 4. Glute hamstring raise performed on the lat pull down machine

This is one of those exercises that turns heads at a gym instantly. Every time I throw these into my leg workouts, people stop me and ask me what the hell I am doing. Can you imagine walking towards the lat pull machine and end up working your legs?

In the video shown, he uses a bosu ball. I say scratch the bosu ball, land with your hands firmly on the ground, using your hamstrings to pull you back up. A former colleague of mine showed me this exercise and it looks like it could be easy… but, after 10 reps you probably wont think its such a good idea anymore. This blasts the hamstrings and its functional. Don’t be surprised if a few girls peep your way when you show off this original exercise.

5. T Bar Tempo Rows

Heavy rows are a great way to build a bigger back and stronger arms. We know that. Instead of just firing off 8-12 reps of rows, an exercise I like to add to my workout to switch things up is a tempo row. It goes as follows: 2 reps, 5 second hold at the top, 2 reps, 4 second hold, 2 reps, 3 second hold, 2 reps, 2 second hold, 2 reps, 1 second hold, rack.

The fact that you are going from one motion, to a hold and flexing your arms (out of your control of course) as you hold the weight, changing speeds and looking like you know what the hell your doing makes this one of my favorite exercises. It’s also a style you can apply to plenty other lifts.

6. Seated Partner Resisted Preacher Curls.

This exercise requires a partner and it lets you show off just how round and stout your biceps are. Instead of just doing your standard preacher curl, have your training partner stand in front of the bar and as you curl it up pause at the top, your partner is now going to pull the bar down, and it is your job to hold and resist against his strength.

Caution: your biceps may feel like they are going to burst! It’s okay. You’re working on the negative aspect of the curl and it challenges your biceps in ways that normally aren’t being challenged. Go heavy, your partner can help you on the way up if need be.

Side-note from Chad: the negative is where you’re going to break through your plateaus. Change the tempo of your negative, but also incorporate something like this to add yet another look to the negative aspect of your exercises.

7. Bench press/tricep finisher

I learned this exercise via JJ Watt. This guy is a Bad. Ass. Look him up, he makes lifting weights look like child’s play. Usually I do this on a chest/tricep day because, although it is a bench press, the way it works really burns out the triceps. This one also requires a partner.

Its 30 total reps, and something to save for the end of a workout because its a great exercise to finish with. 2 sets usually does the trick. The way it works is your partner holds some kind of pad that he can press against your chest and move up or down. You will do 5 reps to your chest, and move the pad up about 6 inches, 5 more touching the pad, move it up 6 more inches, 5 more reps, 6 inches (these reps are almost like quick taps) move it back down 6 inches, 5 reps, down 6 inches, 5 reps, and finally remove the pad and gut out the last 5 reps to your chest and up.

Its a challenge, its different, and its fucking hard. Add this to your pushes day immediately.

When I watch different guys workout there are always a select few that stand out. Its not always about who pushes up the most weight, or who looks the most chiseled. Its finding someone who is actually fit. Someone who looks fit, but can actually walk the walk as well. That is what makes a man attractive… until next time,

Train hard.

Steffi Sorensen

Expect more from Steffi in the near future. This article is awesome. Everyone can, and should, apply these exercises and different sets to your training as fast as possible. Its nice to have a lady’s perspective on here as well, and one that’s constructed the body she has through hard work, and athletic training, is the cherry on top. Visit Steffi’s site here: www.steffisorensen.com. Follow here on Instagram here: steffi_sorensen