How a Real Man Gets 6 Pack Abs

There are three kinds of six pack abs. The first is that of the skinny, who’s abs exist purely out of a lack of abdominal fat, not due to any respectable amount of muscle. Most of us have this kind of six pack when we’re young, wiry, and can eat anything and yet still not pack on fat.

The second kind is that of the douchebag. The abs that glow behind a golden, fake tan. That are rarely hidden behind a shirt. That even make an appearance at parties or at the local bar.

The third? Well, the third is the kind you’ll see in the boxing ring. The kind you’ll see performing under the bright lights, on the biggest

stages in the world, by a real man. A man who cares not one iota about what girls think of his abs. They’re his trophy. His evidence of being in great shape. He’s proud enough to maintain them, but not so vain as to proclaim them.

Where the douchebag has arrogance and abs covering up his deep rooted insecurities. A man’s abs are covering nothing. They sit firm on a foundation of hard work. His quiet confidence is like his physique. You know it’s there even if you can’t physically see it. It’s legendary. But he’s not so insecure that he needs to show it at every opportunity. There’s mystery to what’s hiding underneath his shirt. And the women seem to like this mystery a lot more than the douchebag’s approach.

Today we’re going to look at how a man’s man develops 6 pack abs. They aren’t covered in a fake tan. They pop out. They’re strong. They’re our armor. The reason isn’t necessarily vanity. It’s about pride. It’s about being the best we can be in every way.

I learned how to build a real six pack when I was boxing. It’s the same approach we’re taking today. And the same approach I’ve used to maintain a six pack year round without any yo-yo dieting or fasting. The following are methods that will help you do the same.

A Man’s Man Doesn’t Look For a Shortcut

The fitness industry is wrought with the myth that the secret to a six pack lies in a shortcut. It’s pure marketing, and it pisses me off.

Hope in a quick fix is where many of us are led astray. It doesn’t exist. Read that sentence over again, and rid yourself of any notion that getting a six pack is easy. That it takes no hard work, no dedication, no degree of perseverance. There’s no secret nor shortcut to getting a six pack, so stop looking for one.

I had the list below written, ready for publication a couple weeks ago. But then, after multiple attempts, a friend of mine convinced me to have a look at a program of his.

You see, I get a annoyed anytime I see an abs program for sale because they promise a quick fix, and attempt to deliver this quick fix with a short program that isn’t founded on principles that work. And principles that are far from sustainable. So when this pal told me to check out his abs program, I had no intention of doing so. And I didn’t. A few months went by and I got another email from an employee of his, asking if I’d like to check it out again.

More to get him off my back, I reluctantly took a look. Now, keep in mind everything I’ve said thus far: that there’s no abs program for sale worth buying. That there’s no shortcut. No quick fix to building a six pack. And that I’m annoyed by the programs I have come across. The name of his program is Six Pack Shortcuts for shite’s sake!

With my blinders on and red flags popping up all over this program, I entered a username and password into the account, and prepared for the worst. Oddly enough, I’m saddened to say that’s the furthest thing from what I found. I always say don’t judge a book by it’s cover – even though most of us do – and I was peeved to have to eat my own words. His program is awesome.

Everything I say below about how we can develop six pack abs fits this routine.

This is significant because I get emails every day from guys asking for an abs routine, and I have nothing but tips on this site, and tips via email to give them, when a great program is what we need to get a six pack. I feel terrible that I’m not able to give them this value. I pride myself on answering every email sent my way as best as I possibly can.

I do this by giving the right information, recommending the best resources around. Never before have I had a program focused on getting us a 6 pack that I can recommend. Until now.

How A Real Man Gets A Six Pack

While I eat very healthy, I’m uncompromising in the fact that I’m going to enjoy the seconds, hours, days, and years I have on this earth. I’d rather have 75 Legendary years than 95 years where I’m fretting over every damn thing that goes into my mouth.

I drink beer, wine, eat bacon, eggs, and ample amounts of steak. But I eat smart. I eat the right foods at the right time. This is what I expect you to be able to do. I DON’T expect you to be able to follow a strict nutrition plan for the rest of your life. It’s unsustainable.

One thing you should know about Mike Chang, the creator of Six Pack Shortcuts, is that he shares my philosophy, and the ability to maintain his ideal body (six pack included) year-round.

Last time I saw Mike I was in Austin, TX. I’m not sure if I saw him without a drink in his hand after 7 pm. He was having a great time. Enjoying life. Eating steak, always accompanied by vino. As was I. As was everyone in the group as we discussed business, fitness, and our audacious goals in life.

This should have given me reason to look at his program earlier – plus the fact that he’s helping thousands of guys get six pack abs – but my biases remained in tact. Every other abs program I’ve checked out was created either by a guy who’s never had a six pack – in which case I won’t even take a glance at his program – or a guy who has a six pack for 1 photo shoot every couple of years.

A six pack for 1-2 weeks every couple of years is no ideal. I want to have a great physique year-round, and I want the same for you. So I won’t waste your time or mine, by giving you a “cutting” program. Or a yo-yo diet routine. It’s useless.

So I wrote the following list before I eventually looked at Six Pack ShortcutsWhich, in a way is a good thing. Below, you’ll see how Mike’s program stacks up to my lofty criteria that has yet to allow me to recommend an abs program.

A Real Man Gets Better Every Week… And Changes Things Up Every Month

Progression is the most important factor in us getting a six pack. We need it both in our training, but  also in our nutrition.

The only way to get a six pack is to change our routine before our bodies adapt to the demands we’re placing on them. Our bodies are marvelous things. They can adapt. We’re amphibious beings. It takes our bodies around 4 weeks to adapt to a routine.

So while we may see great gains in those four weeks, which encourages us to continue using the same methods, we’ll soon adapt. The gains will cease. We’ll be left wallowing in our own sorrow, wondering why we’re cursed with such terrible genetics.

The solution is to strategically minimize our rest periods, while increasing the difficulty of the sets as we progress through our program. This keeps our gains consistent and our eventual success inevitable.

Six Pack Shortcuts does all of this. Will 4, 4-week phases, packed with unique progressions (some that I’ve yet to use in my own programs), the program sets us up for success. It sets us up to break through a plateau – the biggest obstacle standing in the way of us and a six pack.

Tip: With every set, lower your rest periods. Your body will be forced to adapt to shorter recovery times and will have to recruit energy faster, and from different (more) sources.

A Real Man’s Nutrition Is Sustainable.

Why cut down to get a six pack when the ‘cutting’ isn’t something you’re going to even come close to being able to sustain once you’re finished? You’re teasing yourself by getting this awesome six pack, then losing it once the cutting phase is done.

I don’t give unsustainable training or nutrition tactics on this site. And most abs programs – all but one that I know of – preach dieting as a means to lose fat. Six Pack Shortcuts has a different approach. They’re against dieting, instead teaching proper eating techniques that you’ll keep with you for the rest of your life.

A real man doesn’t diet. He eats right. But he doesn’t diet.

Tip: Make changes in your diet starting with breakfast, and moving up to dinner. Check out: what a guy should eat for breakfast.

A Real Man Lifts Weights!

I can take this point or leave it in the sense that no, a real man doesn’t have to lift weights, but I do feel that weight training is the most effective method in us getting a six pack. Change ‘I feel’, to ‘it is’. And that’s where the majority of the programs that claim to help you get a six pack fail: they drill you with cardio.

The result is raised cortisol levels and a loss of muscle. Which in turn lowers our metabolism. Making us store fat. Creating a skinny fat man, not a lean, muscular, athletic guy with a six pack – which is what we’re all after.

Weight training is a prerequisite for a program claiming to help guys get six pack abs. And weight training is the focus – along with a solid dose of great bodyweight training – of Six Pack Shortcuts.

In my online coaching course, I have a large number of clients who want to lose fat. So I get them on a heavy lifting routine to start their training off. They’re always confused, I say trust me, they proceed, and are astonished with the results they get only a few weeks into the course.

Cardio is the biggest myth to getting ripped. It’s refreshing to see someone agree, and then package it into an awesome, well-rounded routine.

Tip: Don’t use “fat loss” or muscular endurance sets exclusively. They’ll help, but you also need muscle building sets, and power sets to activate your muscles in ways that endurance sets won’t.

It’s Clear What He Wants. And How He’s Going To Get It.

Where many of us fail in anything, is when it becomes complicated. We get frustrated when we don’t know what to do next or how to do it, so we quit. Clarity is important in developing a six pack.

We need to know what to do and how to do it.

Everything I’ve done that’s been worthwhile in my life has included some kind of plan. The clearer the plan, the better and more focused the work. The more focused the work, the better the results. It’s simple.

Clarity and hard work usually equals success – as long as we’re willing to persevere through some tribulation and failure along the way.

This is why I’m a big proponent of guys using a training routine made by someone other than themselves (me included, unless I’m testing something I’m creating). We need to do something we’ve never thought of. We need to be tough on ourselves. We need to be strict.

The best way to get this done is to buy a good program that is created by someone who has accomplished what we want to accomplish, and has helped others accomplish it as well. If you want to get a six pack, Six Pack Shortcuts is that program, and Mike Chang is your teacher.

Tip: Print your workouts, weights lifted, and reps performed out for each workout. I like having them in a book. Trust me, if you’re going to get your best results, you need measurements in performance, as well as with your physique. Don’t blindly think you’re improving. Have evidence.

The Myth of The Shortcut

The name Six Pack Shortcuts is a great name, but it doesn’t fit the program – and I’m happy as shite that it doesn’t. Other programs go for the shortcut, and they result in us shortcutting our results.

Six Pack Shortcuts gives us the fastest, most effective way to develop a six pack.

The single thing missing from us having our ideal physique, is usually a six pack. We may have the muscle we want. The size. Even the lean-ness in other areas of our body, but our abs aren’t showing. It’s the toughest part of the physique to perfect. It needs the right plan. But it also needs a commitment to stick to that plan.

I’ve struggled in the past trying to give you the means to get a great six pack. I’ve given a ton of tips, strategies and techniques that’ll help you, but what we all need is the consistency of a program. Without one, we’re a captain of a ship without the stars to guide us. We’re moving forward, but not necessarily in the right direction.

Mike has perfected the art of providing massive value through video. He makes it seem like you’re in in a one-on-one training session with him.

The program is very clear. It’s effective. It’s one I’m gladly recommending to anyone who wants to get a legit six pack. Not the skinny guy six pack, the douchebag six pack, but the real six pack. Muscle building and fat loss. Neither compromised. Both delivered to perfection with video tutorials that will help you start on the right track, and progress until your goals are reach.

Buy the Six Pack Shortcuts system here. If there’s one thing missing from your ideal body, fill the void with this awesome program.