fat loss vs weight loss – Cardio for fat loss

Cardio for fat loss

Is your goal fat loss or weight loss?

A lot of the time we say our goal is weight loss, but the weight we want to lose is fat. So why not have our goal be fat loss? Rather than concentrating on eliminating the fat in our body by eating healthy and working out hard, we end up on the scale everyday checking if we’ve lost anything. We eat less, provide our bodies with less nutrients which ends up having negative effects on our health and on our fat loss.

Weight loss can be a discouraging thing, and unless you’re cutting weight for a fight or some sporting event, you should be focused on losing ‘bad weight’, and not just weight in general. You can be losing inches around your waste but seeing minimal losses on the scale which can be a pretty discouraging thing. If this is you, have a look at the “fat loss vs weight loss”  articles I put up this week, each will give you tips about how to attack the fat weight that you’re carrying.

I’ve given you diet tips and weight training tips that’ll help you get rid of the weight that is fat, and now I’ll give you a few cardio tips as well. Make sure you implement each of these steps into your routine, but also get your body fat% measured. Have an idea of the weight you’re losing, if you’re just measuring you weight loss, you really don’t have an accurate idea of the kind of weight you’re losing.

Getting more bang for your buck

There are many different types of cardio, and weight training for that matter, but for both, I prefer the way that will get you the most results in the least amount of time. And for cardio, that way is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Going for a run isn’t a bad thing, nor is going for a walk, actually both are great, but both take a big chunk out of your day.

HIIT is short bursts of intense exercise that have a lasting effect on your metabolism and allow you to burn more calories in less time. Here are some different splits you can be working with, I’ll use the same 4 exercises as examples. (Here’s me explaining how to do them)

High knees


Mountain climbers

Frog jumps

–          Do each for 30-60 seconds, rest for 60 seconds and repeat 3x.

–          Do each for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds after each is done – repeat 3x

–          Do each for 40 seconds, resting 10 seconds after each – repeat 3x

No pain No Gain

If you’re not working hard, you’re not going to get the results you want. The HIIT circuits I just put up there are very short, but very hard if you’re doing them right. I’ll do them after an intense weight lifting session and I’ll be absolutely spent by the time I’m done.

Combining weight training and cardio is the best way to lose fat. Cardio on it’s own isn’t as effective and neither is weight training on its own. Combine them, shorten them up and work your butt off. Add in a healthy diet and you’re well on your way to losing fat in less time.

When to train

I’m a big fan of cardio after weight training. I like getting them done on the same trip to the gym for time’s sake, but if you can split them up do so, you’ll have more energy and higher intensity in your workouts.

What about training on an empty stomach?

If you’re trying to get rid of the last few pounds, try slow/steady state cardio done on an empty stomach. If you train too intensely you’re going to burn muscle as well. But again, this isn’t the best if you have a busy schedule. So I suggest spending the first part of your workout on weights, then finishing it up with a quick and intense cardio session.

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments section!