The Great Escape: How to Make A Workout Legendary


We all have our reasons for training. The health benefits. How lifting weights effectively helps us look better, gives us more confidence, and more energy to live a more effective and happier life. The benefits are endless. But what about training simply for the joy of training? There’s no arguing the fact that people who […]

The System That Changed My Life: the PowerHowse Challenge

ebook covers - powerhowse challenge

In the past week I’ve mentioned the system that helped me build 32 pounds in 32 weeks a few times, but I have yet to get into detail about what it really is. So here we go… Just over a year ago I began writing a book. I had no title, but I had a […]

1 big reason why you’re not gaining muscle

Less talking more doing

Not sure why I chose this picture… I guess I’m doing something and not just talking about it? Anyways it’s in Vegas, doing a bit of a dance number – good trip You’re working your tongue and jaw not your hips and quads.

Killer Shoulders Workout


Shoulders anyone? I just finished a great shoulders and traps workout. It’s been a while since the last time I implemented any olympic lifts into my workouts. They used to be a big part of my training, especially when I was fighting. They’re great for power, quickness, and are some of the best exercises for […]