Two Birds with One Stone: Building Muscle and Power

Chad Howse

Ideally a workout should accomplish more than just one thing… It should help improve lean mass gains, while also helping you improve your athleticism. A workout – ideally – shouldn’t just accomplish one thing, and it doesn’t need to simply accomplish one thing to be successful. A lot of it has to do with tempo, […]

How to Consistently Build Lean Muscle and Gain Strength

Gain Lean Muscle

  My guess is that if you have spent some time working out, you’ve achieved some results. You may have improved your strength, lost a bit of weight, or gained a bit of muscle, but in maintaining consistent improvements is where you found a problem. I was there with you. I tried for 7 years, […]

the Body Women Want: Chest + Back

Hugh Jackman - Jacked

Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine”. As we discussed in the first article in the series, “Building the Body Women Want,” we talked about what type of physique a women finds most desirable. It’s not the massive, steroid injecting, freak that most women will be attracted to. It’s also not the guy who’s carrying too much fat […]

5 Must-Do Exercises to Build Explosive Muscle

Explosive Exercises

There is such thing as useless muscle as far as sports are concerned. Muscle that’s just for looks and not athleticism. Here are 5 exercises that’ll boost your power, help with the weight you lift in other exercise and improve your athleticism at the same time by working the fast twitch muscle fibers which are […]

Building Athleticism AND Muscle

How the hell do you change the image that appears above? I look like I’m going to explode! I think it’s great to build muscle. Hell, I gained 32 pounds in 8 months and I was ecstatic, but I didn’t just focus on putting on the pounds, and in a way I think that helped […]

Build Muscle and Become a Better Athlete

Build muscle and athleticism

The latest “Rocky” movie had a pretty bad ass training montage. Thanks for the emails that you guys have been sending me. I’ve been getting some great questions that let me know specifically what goals you have and which solutions I can provide to help you reach those goals. So again, keep up with the […]