5 Ways to Live an Unrealistic Life

Epic Life

The world of the warrior, the real man, the entrepreneur, the hero, whatever moniker you want to use it matters little, is one of unrealistic expectations and effort. Their ideas, their goals, and even the hours they work are what the average and the majority would coin as “unrealistic” if they were ever asked to […]

Why You’re Living a Small Life & How to Change

Silhouette of Afonso Henriques statue in Guimaraes Portugal. Eur

Turning right I see a line up of guys leaning against graffiti covered walls acting as guards of the town or the neighborhood or merely their building, I don’t know. Their eyes glare at an individual who is clearly not from around these parts as I look at the street names, then back down at […]

How to Conquer Your Greatest Obstacle & Live The Dream

“There would be no Resistance without the Dream. The Dream comes first. Resistance follows. So if you wake up tomorrow morning overwhelmed with fear, dread, and negative energy, that’s a good sign. The massive shadow that you’re experiencing is being cast by an equally massive tree—the tree of your dream, your vision, your calling. The […]

If You Die Tomorrow…

The time is the Middle Ages, 1184 anno Domino, the year of our Lord. Balian, a French blacksmith, is haunted by the death of his son, and the suicide of his wife. He’s a defeated man; a lost man. He’s lost his faith and will to live. Whatever drive, hunger, and passion once burned in […]

Can You Really Do Anything You Want?

MEaning of life

No matter what your vision of success is, it must include happiness and a sense of fulfillment. There is no definition of success that doesn’t include both. It wouldn’t be success, it may be accomplishment, wealth, and prestige, but it would be an empty and incomplete defintion; a fact realized often only after years are […]