The Muscle Building Meal Guide

I was a tad skinny as a kid. You could say that I was the runt of a litter of one. And that didn’t change for a long time – I stayed skinny until my mid-twenties. Being skinny isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it isn’t the best thing either. And isn’t that […]

The 3 Steps to Building the Ideal Body

The ideal male body… Da Vinci broke it down to its ratios, the David was Michelangelo’s personification of the idea, and antiquity spoke to us about Achilles’ perfection. In more modern times, however, this ideal has become an odd, misguided obsession. Guys spend as much time in the gym as they do working and reading. […]

How Bulking Can Ruin Your Lean Gains

When a young guy decides he’s tired of being scrawny he usually looks to the bodybuilding industry both as his ideal, and for advice. The bodybuilding community has done a lot of good over the years in helping guys become stronger, more confident men, however, one thing they did give us that isn’t helping guys become stronger, more […]

THE PUMP, Single Limb Training & Making Big Muscles

the pump

The Pump & Single Limb Training The best program is the one you’re not doing. Confused? Well, simply put, the most effective rep range, exercises, sets, and tempos, are those that we’re not doing right now. Why? Because our bodies are too damn amazing to allow training to be so simple as to go to […]

7 Things You Need To Do Every Morning to Build Lean Muscle

Muscle Building Morning Routine

Muscle Building Morning Routine A successful morning usually means a successful day. If we are productive from the word go. The rest of our day is surely to follow. In the world of building lean muscle this is no different. So why, then, do we start our day with no rhyme or reason? We wake […]

Pre Workout Nutrition


Energy levels are arguably the most important nutritional topic we can cover with regards to our training. Yes, keeping cortisol levels low and getting a head start to the recovery process are both vital pieces to the puzzle, but we get nothing done if we don’t have energy. The quality of our workout hangs on […]

Want to Gain Muscle? Leave Your EGO at the Door

Chris Evans Workout

Let me set the scene. The gym. You walk in, see an oddly shaped fellow on the bench press. Three plates dawn either side of the bar – a lot of weight, especially considering the guy isn’t that massive by any means. He presses the weight, stands up, face as red as mine was after […]

The V Shape Torso. Here’s How to Get it.


V for…. very nice physique? Take a look at the letter V. Then take a look at the guy to my right – on the right… and sorry Batman… The thick traps (semi-covered by the cape) that slope down into the extremely broad shoulders. The shoulders that are pulled back and sit on muscular lats […]

How I Built MY Perfect Body

Gain Lean Muscle

The guy above (me) is by no means anywhere near to being perfect. In my mind, there’s not even such thing as a ten when it comes to pure looks – care to argue? We all have imperfections. Yet I have built my perfect body… And I know how you can build yours too. Coming […]

My 5 Favorite Healthy, Muscle-Building Meals

Healthy Meals

  “T-N-T” – favourite meal #2 There’s a lot of info out there regarding training. You can pretty much hit up any site and find a free workout (including mine —> HERE). Some work. Some suck. But the info’s out there. Where many of us run into problems is finding nutritional info that makes sense, […]

Lift Like a Man!

a Man's Man

Russel Crowe as James J. Braddock. A Man’s Man. The thing’s that get us the best results aren’t new. They aren’t a fad. They haven’t magically popped up out of nowhere and started getting people amazing bodies. They’re grounded in common sense. They’re systems and principles that make sense. Fads are the enemy of results. […]

How to Get Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

Gain Lean Muscle

  How to Get Bigger Hypertrophy is the increase in size of muscle cells. There are a number of theories as to which form of hypertrophy training is the most effective. Some say that focusing on a rep count is best – usually around 8-12 reps – others say that time under tension (TUT) is […]

How to Get in Great Shape and Still Enjoy The ‘Finer Things’ in Life

Cigar Fitness

Do you need to deprive yourself of everything that is tasty, and enjoyable in order to build an awesome body and get in great shape? That’s what most people struggle with, myself included early on in my training. We think that you have to deprive ourselves. That building lean muscle, and getting a six-pack is […]

What I’ve Learned

Chad Howse

Blue steel? Lesson #1: don’t take yourself too seriously. I’m not ‘naturally’ like this If you’re frustrated because you feel like you can’t build muscle or lose fat, and you feel like no matter how hard you work and train, you can’t build the body you want. Know that I was born with a body […]