The Leg Day to End All Leg Days


Prior to writing this article I spent a couple of wonderful days visiting family in the north of Italy near a town called Udine. As Italian families do, I was spoiled with some of the most delicious food my tastebuds have ever had to pleasure of coming in contact with and in amounts that sent […]

Tougher Than The Rest

Tougher than the Rest

I’m a big fan of Bruce Springsteen’s music. He continually comes out with classic songs that will definitely stand the tests of time. His song “Tougher Than The Rest” helped me come up with this blog post… Toughness is mental. It isn’t physical. Even if it is physical toughness, it has more to do with […]

The #1 Exercise For Building Athletic Power

Pocket Hercules

I grew up watching Naim Süleymanoğlu or “the Pocket Hercules“. What is Athletic Power? Power is speed x weight. Or speed x force. The faster you can push a heavy weight, the more powerful you are. Technically. In sports, it’s a little different than simply pushing a lot of weight. There aren’t many sports where a […]

Building Your Arsenal – Athletic Power (Free Workout)

When people talk about a complete, well-rounded fighter, they say “he has a lot of weapons in his arsenal.” But the same can apply to us ‘normal’ guys as well. We also want to be well-rounded, not just having muscle, but lean and athletic muscle. Not just having power, but power that lasts. And not […]

3 Tips to Build a More Muscular Back (& Video)

Chad Howse Bigger Back Muscles

Building thicker, more athletic-looking back muscles effects a lot more than just how you look from behind. Thicker lats and traps make your shoulders look wider and broader, they also make your torso appear smaller. The ultimate for any guy, aside from performance goals is to get that “V” shape. We all want it, and […]

the Body Women Want: Chest + Back

Hugh Jackman - Jacked

Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine”. As we discussed in the first article in the series, “Building the Body Women Want,” we talked about what type of physique a women finds most desirable. It’s not the massive, steroid injecting, freak that most women will be attracted to. It’s also not the guy who’s carrying too much fat […]

Video article – free workout, nutrition tips

Busy Body sample program

I just put up a free program on the site for you guys and gals. Just enter your email on the right and you’ll get an email with a link that’ll give you access to download the program for free. I’ve always enjoyed getting in shape but I enjoy the benefits about 100x more. Why […]

Get Jacked! FREE Workout

Me and my dog enjoying a meal together.

I tried a bit of a different workout today. Instead of doing giant sets like I normally do, I just did supersets, followed by a giant + drop set.

Vegas Workout

What a trip! I shot this video while down in Las Vegas for a few days with some friends. It was an awesome trip. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Vegas but it’s a tough place to get a workout in!

What makes the difference between a good and GREAT workout?


INTENSITY How intense you are and how hard you work can make almost any program effective. I used to go to the gym and chat with some buddies on my breaks, not paying attention to my rest time. It wasn’t until I kept my eye on the clock and my mind into each and every […]