Your Guide to Bigger Arms


For me, it’s my calves. Those little buggers wouldn’t grow until I did something drastic – trained them daily. For some, it’s their deltoids – in which case I’ll have an article coming for you soon. For those who want to build bigger arms, but have no clue how to get them growing, I give […]

How to Get Bigger Biceps

Get Bigger Biceps

For many, bigger biceps = more confidence. Biceps are a very visible muscle, especially in the summer where t-shirts dominate our wardrobe and lean, vascular biceps and forearms are our cleavage. Girls see a lean, muscular set of arms and take notice. Almost in the same way guys sees a nice set of mcgee’s and has a […]

How to Get Bigger Arms

Build Bigger Arms

The guys from the movie “300” did challenge-based workouts. Seemed to work for them. Agree? When people think arms, they immediately think about isolation exercises like curls – biceps – and skull crushes – triceps. And they’re awesome exercises that I implement into my training and they work. But that’s not the only way to […]

5 Unique Tips to Build Bigger Arms

Arnold Swartzeneggar Chad Howse

Arnold working his triceps. For a lot of us, arms are a tough body part to build. We isolate the crap out of them, we try adding weight, or even adding reps, but they never seem to put on the size that we’d like. If you’re looking to build bigger, leaner and more muscular arms, […]

Build the Body Women Want: Abs

Roy Jones JR. Abs

Roy Jones Jr. was pretty cut up in his prime. Actually still is, he just can’t fight like he used to. Ladies enjoy seeing a good set of abs, I think that’s a no brainer. Having a lean mid-section makes that “X” or “V” shaped physique complete. You can have a muscular and athletic upper […]

Build the Body Women Want: Arms

Wladimir Klitschko - build lean muscle

Wladimir Klitschko knocking out Calvin Brock. Arms are an important body part to focus on when you’re building a body that women find attractive. I’ve heard that forearms are like cleavage on men, in that women will take a look at a guy’s forearms like a guy takes a look at a woman’s cleavage – […]