The Event Doesn’t Matter. Your Reaction to it Does.

We are all given a hand in life, a set of cards that we have to play. Some hands are perceived to be better than others while others seem nearly impossible to rise from. The reality is that the hand you're given matters little, your reaction to it is everything. Your reaction to failure can lead to success. Your reaction to loss, be it just or unjust, can lead you to freedom. The event in your life doesn't matter, it just is, your reaction to it is everything, so choose to react to it from a … [Read More...]


Man Up Monday: Forget About the Dream and Focus on the Path.

Welcome! As a Gift, Check Out This FREE ProgramValue and success and happiness aren’t found in ease. They aren’t created in rest. We can only live the life we want to live through hard work and action and persistence. You’re far more powerful than you realize simply because you control your thoughts and your response […]


The Two Ways to Get Rich

There are two ways to get rich. One way, and this is what most people focus on, is to make a lot of money so you can buy the things you want. The second way is to want less and make enough money to pay for this minimalistic lifestyle. One way is good. One way […]

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Man Up Monday: You’ve Got to Stand For Something

As the Aaron Tippin song goes, You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything. A man must stand for something in his life, even in the run of a day, and that something has to guide him to be a better man and a man of value. In this week's Man Up series we'll go through what your idea … [Read More...]

5 Life Lessons Every Human Needs to Learn The Hard Way

The two weeks previous to this lovely day were long; wake up at 4:30 am and work until 8:00 pm, then off to bed and do the same the next day. They were days filled with excitement. I was finishing up a new product, the culmination of months of work and the excitement of launching it to the fellas … [Read More...]

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Porn and manhood

Does Porn Have a Place in a Man’s Life?

Where does porn fit in to your life’s narrative? That is, with you not being a guy who’s content with mediocrity but instead a man who has a fundamental understanding that we have one, brief life that’s but a flicker of light in the story of eternity, giving us a responsibility to make the best and be the best with […]

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Man Up Monday: To Reach Your Potential Is an Expectation, Not An Anomaly

You're on this earth for a very brief moment and you're tasked with one thing: To squeeze the most out of your gifts and talents that you possibly can while you're here. To fall short of this task is one of life's greatest tragedy's, the tragedy of talent left, wasted. You're here not to dream, but to work; not to promise, but to act; not to worry, but to practice. (Read this: Forget Finding Your … [Read More...]

Man Up Monday: Let Go Of Your Excuses And You’ll Find Opportunity

I had a guy email me the other day complaining that he didn't know the right people in his industry to really see the success he wanted to see. It's a common myth that who we know is yet another thing that is out of our control. A great example is Napoleon Hill, a guy who sought out the relationships of the guys he wanted to learn from. Or Chris Gardner, a guy who knew none of the right people in … [Read More...]

How to Be Old School in 10 Simple Steps

Those of us who praise a previous generation don't necessarily do it out of an ignorant fondness for what was, but because of a relationship with someone from a time that reflects the values that made a people both successful and proud. There is no time that's perfect, no space in our history that was completely better. Today we're living longer and poverty is decreasing worldwide, but that … [Read More...]

Man Up Monday: Always Be Improving

Enjoy your victories, but never be satisfied or content with who you've become, what you know, or what you've accomplished. Always be improving. Who you were last year can't be who you are this year and he must pail in comparison to who you're becoming next year. (Read this: Why You're Comparing Yourself to The Wrong Person)This is the mission we should all have, this chase, this humility that … [Read More...]