Training has 3 levels…

Men train

To Be Able To…

That is, to be able to hike, fight, hunt, embark on adventures, live a grand life.

Training gives us the capacity to do things other people can’t do.

To Endure…

Training also makes us tougher mentally, if we allow it to.

It helps us endure.

Endurance is as important as capacity. Success stories are as much about endurance as they are about talent or ability or imagination.

Training your body is training your body to be able to endure one more rep, and more importantly, to push through and beyond that voice that begs us to quit because ‘it’s too tough’.

When it gets tough, when that voice asks us to quit. This is when the real set begins.

To Appear…

Lastly, we train to appear as though we train.

Taking care of the physical aspects of your physique is much the same as dressing well. It’s taking pride in how you carry yourself and in the image you give to the world.

Take all three into consideration when you train…

What kind of life do you want to be able to live?

Do you want to be a quitter or a guy who persists to victory? (Read This When You Want to Quit)

What image do you want to portray to the planet?

Training isn’t just about looking good or even performing well. It’s not just about becoming tougher, either.

It’s a part of who you are, and if you don’t do it, if you don’t get off your ass and to that gym, that becomes a part of who you are either.

Motivation is nothing. It doesn’t exist. If it’s something you depend on to get to the gym, to work hard at your job, to go for a run or get out of the house, you’re going to fail.

It’s a feeling.

No accomplished human has ever depended completely on their feelings. They’re far too fickle and unreliable.

Forget motivation.

Define the kind of man you are, the man you want to become, and what both men do.

There should be no difference between the man you want to become and who you are right now.

If you can define who this man is, then you can become him in the present.

… And I’m guessing he’s not lazy.

I’m sure he’s not skipping out on his workouts because he ‘doesn’t have enough time’ or he’s ‘tired’…

Of course not!

He’s getting after it.

Train because it’s who you are.

Leave motivation to the suckers who think it’s something worth depending on.