how to control your emotions


Know what you control and know what controls you. When you take ownership of every area of your life you take command of your ship and your destination in life.

Do you have control over your spending habits?

What about sex and porn and women?

Are you able to make the right decision when it comes to work and family or are you addicted to either?

There are so many facets of life that we tend to let some slide.

Spending is one that I’m gaining more control over.

What I’ve noticed is that it’s not always Me who’s in control of what I buy. Sometimes it’s advertising, usually of the native kind where guys I look up to will use a certain piece of gear or so forth.

Sometimes it’s society telling me I need this to gain status-points. Other times it’s an idea of who I THINK I want to be but don’t really want to be that leads me to make a purchase.

Frugality is self-reliance.

When you’re not frugal you can’t help but buy things you don’t really need. When you’re not completely in control of your expenses you’re spending based on emotion and not logic.

The act of buying something to make you feel better can be successful in the moment, but it has to be destructive over a lifetime as that habit is repeated and strengthened and ‘feeling better’ isn’t something you work out in your own mind but depend on a purchase for the high that your happiness requires.

Spending can be a drug, but so can work.

I’ve been a workaholic for the majority of my working career. However, it was all about being busy, about feeling weird if I wasn’t doing something, it wasn’t necessarily about accomplishing anything.

Realizing I wasn’t in control of my desire to work versus everything else, I set a strict schedule for myself. I used work blocks to focus on one thing at a time. I set aside certain days to work on certain tasks and only those tasks.

The results were more work accomplished at a higher quality in dramatically less time.


What it essentially comes down to is both owning your emotions and being completely aware of them.

Most people aren’t completely aware of their emotions. They think that their desires are natural and should always be followed because they’ve been taught as such. But the fella who always follows his desires is a slave to his desires.

He won’t win. He won’t work enough nor do enough to feel worthy or of value.

When you gain control over your emotions and your desires you are able to walk your own path in life as your own man un-waivered by the influence of peers, bosses, the media, or advertising.

And a man who walks his own path as an original is a man that can’t help but live a great life. The rarity of such a man is astonishing. In that fact alone, in being a true original, you’ll have won a battle most people don’t even know exists.