In a World of Crybabies, Be a Damn Man

To be calm while others are blind with rage is to be a man amongst children.

It doesn’t matter your age, you can be a child if you act like one. And it seems that children are the many and men are the few. (Read This: Why Our Society Needs to Man Up!)

Children hit the streets and cry and complain. They loot stores and burn flags and scream if someone disagrees with their point of view.

Children revert to name-calling, be it ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ or ‘homophobe’, they shut discussions down before they’re allowed to gain momentum, before they’re given enough time to solve a problem.

Men see what’s going on and they think.

While the world is blind with rage they’re stoic and thoughtful, finding solutions rather than screaming about problems.

Children are entitled. If they don’t get what they want they act out, they pout, they cry. Men earn. If they don’t get what they want they work harder or smarter. You won’t hear a whisper of a complaint from their mouth because it isn’t in their nature.

They call themselves social justice warriors, but they’re overgrown children.

They protest and cry about the real warriors fighting for their right to be pansies in parts of the world that aren’t afforded the luxury of being concerned about where trannies take a leak.

They’re anti-corporation, yet they want to grow the most useless corporation on the planet, the government. They claim to want freedom yet they really want a caretaker. Logic doesn’t enter any of their arguments.

They claim to be anti-establishment yet they vote for career politicians who’ve done nothing of substance in their lives for other people.

They’re losers. And the sooner they wake up to the truth, the better off we’ll all be.

For now, just be a damn man.

When others are crying and complaining, you work.

While others are being swayed by emotions, find the facts.

While the masses see injustice, find the truth.

In a world of crying babies, all you have to do is grow up and be a man. It’ll be such a refreshing thing to live a life not blaming others for your plight. It’ll be so liberating to be able to decide what you want in life and then work hard to get it.

Everyone wants happiness, purpose, and meaning in their lives. They want relationships and love and community. You can’t have any of that if you’re constantly playing the role of the victim. It just won’t happen.

Grow up. Man up. Be different.