Don’t Wish or Whine, Just Work and Win

Don’t wish or whine, just work and win.

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We are a dreaming people.

That is, we love to talk about ‘what ifs’. We dream about being born into a different life, one where we started with a leg up.

We talk about how things would be different only if…

We wish we’d made better decisions, yet fall into the same trap that got us where we are today, which is almost short of where you should be if our potential dictated our destiny.

But it doesn’t.

Potential is nothing. Dreams are nothing. When work is everything, winning is the result.

Stop wishing things were different and BE DIFFERENT.

What you want, the things you want to change are depended on who you are, not the blessings you’re given nor the opportunities you’re handed.

Yes, the world is a harsh place. The sooner you realize that you’re responsible for the good and the bad in your life, the sooner you can go about changing it.

Harshness isn’t good nor bad. Brutality isn’t nice nor evil. It just is. Do the best with what you have.

That is all you can bloody well do, yet countless humans take to social media, they take to the phone, and they start telling people about their intentions and their complaints. Yet they do nothing to improve their lives.


It starts with being both self-reliant while not being entitled.

40% of millennial’s believe they deserve a promotion after two years regardless of performance. That’s entitlement on an incredible scale.

But who suffers?

Well, the employer finds it more difficult to find hard-working people, sure, but he’ll find them eventually. Society hurts when there aren’t enough producers in the workforce. But they’ll eventually figure it out, hopefully.

The one who gets screwed is the entitled little bitch who thinks that being born is their gift to the world.

Within every crisis there’s opportunity, and with numbers like that, you’re going to find it insanely easy to work your way up in the world if you’re simply willing to shut up and work.

So, shut up and work.

Don’t wish or whine, just work and win.

Life is better for the winners because they’ve earned it. Accomplishment, the thing that so many loopy lefties hate is necessary for fulfillment and purpose in life. It isn’t the only thing, but it is an important piece of the recipe.’

So while so many seem entitled, as they set out to find themselves, be as men have been for centuries, and work hard.