3 Things You Should Do Every Day

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. ~ Artistotle

We are our habits. (Read This: Practicing to Become a Winner)

It’s that simple.

You are how you habitually think. You are how you habitually act. You are how you habitually react to situations.

Thus, creating habits that make you better is necessary.

Start small and start with ones you’ll actually turn into habits.

Here’s the challenge:

Take the next 100 days and do these 3 things every day.

Simple. Doable.

Habit #1: 100-200 push-ups every day.

Depending on your fitness level and strength level (not on how much time you have in a day, that’s irrelevant), do anywhere from 100-200 push ups a day.

It’s not much. Heck, you may be doing more already, but get in the act of doing more push-ups not because they’re the best exercise to do but because we as humans are a shell of what we used to be because our lives aren’t as physical as they used to be.

Set your number. Do them every damn day.

Make your life just a little harder than it already is. You’ll benefit from it.

Habit #2: Write down 3 things you’re thankful for every day.


We live in a very vain, oddly ambitious society where we look at what we don’t have or what others have before we focus on everything that’s good in our lives.

Your life is better than you realize it is. Part of this knowledge can come from travel or volunteering – especially over the winter holidays.

But you can’t only depend on comparables. You need to see how your life’s good or no matter where you get or who you become, you’ll never fully understand what you have.

To bring this into a more productive sense, you work harder and more effectively when you’re not naively positive.

That is, you’re not a blind optimist ‘thinking’ that things will get better, you have evidence from your 3 things a day that gives you a logical reason to be positive.

Habit #3: Read 20 pages every day (of a book).

You are what you read. Keep that in mind.

Don’t read trash. Read to be informed. Read to gain evidence of how to become successful. Read to expand your mind.

I’ve been asked repeatedly for a reading list.

So, I’ll have that for you (I’ll start the page) within the next week and I’ll send you that link in this newsletter.

But read daily. Not just when you feel like it, make it habitual by reading at the same time every day.

3 books to start with or books that every guy should read:

  1. Robert E. Lee on Leadership

How to lead.

  1. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

How to be mindful.

  1. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

How to endure (i.e. how to man up)

Get on these 3 habits.

Keep a book and make sure you’re doing each daily.