You Have Two Choices: Man Up or Bitch Out

In every situation there are two choices; one is strong, the other weak. ~Chad Howse

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Life is simpler than we allow it to be because to make it complicated is to gives us an excuse for not solving the problem, and the problems are many, but typically black and white.

Clarity is relatively easy is we’re aware of both ourselves, how we think and our worldview, but also of the idea that there are usually two ways to treat things. (Read This: You’re Fucked if This is Your Worldview)

This isn’t not seeing things with an open mind because you’re focused on two possible outcomes, but seeing a good and a bad.

There is ALWAYS a good and a bad.

There’s always an opportunity just like there’s always a weak path to take.

You can be life’s bitch, or have it be yours.

You can constantly feel the stress or the pressure of life, or you can CHOOSE to see the opportunity, the avenues for appreciation, the glimmer of hope.

Most don’t see the choice nor do they make the strong one. Instead, they let their emotions and their brains guide them down the self-pity rabbit-hole that’s one big self-fulfilling prophecy in that they feel down or they think they’re hard done by or that the event is anger-worthy, and they do as they think.

The strong choice is always positive, it always sees that challenge, the thing we can fight against, not the curse. The key is trying your best to find this challenge instead of allowing your brain to bring you down.

You can’t afford to be down. You can’t afford to be lazy. You can’t afford to pity yourself or to blame others. You need every waking moment because to not use every waking moment is to waste, and you don’t waste.

All you can do is be aware.

Write a reminder on your arm, carry around a note, change the backdrop on your phone, get a tattoo, whatever, just find something that reminds you of the choices you have.

When something doesn’t perform well you can see the challenge in finding out what went wrong, or you can sulk – which will yield a more positive investment?

When a plan, a trip, a day doesn’t go as you thought it would you have to understand that these are merely your preferences that weren’t met. Your preferences are malleable, they can bend, you can adjust them to fit your reality, and if you don’t want to adjust them, CHANGE YOUR REALITY.