Man Up! Make Your Own Damn Rules

Winners like liberty; losers like to control what other people are able to do. ~Chad Howse

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This past week I was traveling through the United States of America, that wonderful land that gave birth to the legal individual liberty of every citizen. That foundation of individual liberty is now dramatically reduced, but in some states it’s still strong. (Read This: The Death of Freedom)

The world over, our liberties are dwindling, largely under the guise of safety. The anti-science, anti-debate environmentalists blame carbon for climate change, giving an excuse to inhibit our freedoms around the wonderful fossil fuel that allows the poor to cook and commute all the while flying in jets that are private.

A nut job shoots up a club and the losers among us immediately blame the tool used. They use tragedy to quell liberty.

Scared people make rules.

Strong people want others to live by their own set of rules so long as they don’t fuck it up for anyone else.

So as I was driving through this stunning country, making my way through Montana, Idaho, Oregon, then into California, I was shocked to see the land of the free have rules on their national parks.

I live 45 minutes from the Albertan Rocky Mountains where we have Grizzlies, black bears, mountain lions, elk, moose, and a whole lot of wolves. So when I’m walking through the redwood forest with my young pup and I was stopped by a park ranger who said they don’t allow any dogs in any of the National Park trails, I was floored.

When she said it was for the protection of the owner, I was pissed.

Is it not my right to determine whether or not I’m at risk or not?

If I want to go deep into the Rockies, I can. If I get eaten, I get eaten. But to hold someone back from experiencing the great outdoors simply because they want to bring their dog along with them is lunacy.

When you find a way to regulate nature, you know we’re fucked.

Freedom is a myth. We don’t have it any longer, and some of you reading this may like that. You may think that your safety is worth it. That you’ll gladly hand of more of your freedoms if it means that you can be kept safer.

You will not live.

You will not go to those unsafe places of our planet or even your back 40 and see the real wonders of this world. You’ll place your way of thinking on others by voting for a coward who thinks along your very same lines.

We need less of you on this planet, in America, and in Canada.

We need more freedom for everyone. That is, more liberty, more opportunity, more choice, and less bloody regulation.

Yes, I’m mad that I couldn’t take Teddy on hikes through the Redwood Forest in Northern California. (Read This: You Can Have Safety, I’ll Take Freedom)