To Die Without Having Lived

To be ambitious is to pursue what your soul begs you to chase. ~Chad Howse

Real ambition is knowing what you REALLY want from life, and having the balls to go get it. But not only pursue it, but persist until it is yours. (Read This: Find Your Purpose and Follow it to Greatness)

Most don’t live ambitious lives. They live lives of acceptance. They accept the way things are and neglect to take ownership of their power to change them.

They see monotony and mediocrity as how things are and actively ignore the reality that there is more because to get more would mean more work, earlier mornings, later nights, and the facing of fears that they really don’t want to face.

They fall in love with being comfortable and do all they can to avoid being uncomfortable.

They live in purgatory. They’re closer to zombies than to men and they could change it all with a choice and a single step of courage, but even that is too unrealistic and when they realize what that single step might set off they curl back into that safe ball and slide into their safe space and never really live. (Read This: Are You Living or Existing?)

Only you know what you must do to really live. Only you know the fears you must face, the work you must do, the audacious dreams you must be daring enough to pursue.

The more we live the life we’re “supposed to live”, the harder it becomes to break out of the stupor we’ve created for ourselves where we work simply to buy things to impress people we have no business trying to impress. People we really don’t give two shits about yet we allow their opinions to make or break our day.

When you break free from the status battle based on THINGS and chase down what your continually quieting soul asks you to hunt, you step closer to the experience, nay, the ACTION that is life.

Life cannot consist of merely going through motions, of blind routine with no purpose and work with no greater end. It must be done on purpose and it must be done in the face of some kind of fear or force that makes us uncomfortable.

A life lived completely in comfort isn’t a life. And then to die having spent your entire existence in your comfort zone HAS TO wake you up and force you to take some real action steps toward the daring, into the unknown.

Think about your death for a second and what an incredible waste it would be to go through life never having truly lived.

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