Which Voice Are You Listening To?

Win. ~Chad Howse

Life is competition, primarily against yourself. (Read This: Why You’re Comparing Yourself to The Wrong Person)

Other people don’t fit into this competition. To even attempt to win their approval is to lose.

It’s when we focus on the competition within our own minds, within our days, that we begin to define the enemy within and set ourselves up to win at everything, life included, if we have the self-discipline to do so.

What our society has lost, and is purposely losing in an effort to make everyone ‘the same’ under the guise of equality, is the competition that has created a free society where people can move up or down in the various classes based on merit.

Although our culture turns its back on competition, you can’t.

If you ignore the fact that life, even the act of waking up, is competition, you miss out on your potential.

You know you have two voices running through your head, determining how you’ll act and how you’ll respond to events.

One voice wants you to be weak. It wants you to remain safe, small, and insignificant.

The other voice wants you to take the hard road in life, the road that will lead to victory.

That first voice deems victory as safety, ease, mediocrity. You know that isn’t victory, yet every time you choose to listen to it rather than listening to the voice that asks you to do what you must to do win in life, you feed it.

You feed whichever voice you listen to, and you feed them by which voice you choose to follow.

The weak voice will beg you to watch TV while the strong voice will require you to work.

The weak voice tells you to rest. The strong voice tells you to persist.

The weak voice tells you to quit. The strong voice asks even more of you. Fuck quitting, it commands, aim higher than even that thing you want to quit.

Which voice are you listening to?

Be real with yourself.

If you’re content with mediocrity and safety, with living as everyone else lives, buying stupid shit to impress stupid people, then by all means, be that little bitch that quits, complains, and never tries anything that scares him.

If, however, you want more from life. If you want to push yourself farther, into deeper and darker places, to find out what this life is all about as well as what you’re made of, be aware of the choices running through your head.

Always choose to do the tough thing even if it’s the last thing you want to do.

Your life is at stake in these moments of decision, never downplay their significance.

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