The Good Guys Need Guns Too

How do you attack the tool but not the ideology that led the killer to use the tool?

How are people attacking the notion of legal gun ownership, making it more difficult for law abiding, free people to get a gun instead of looking at the ideology that leads these sick fucks to do what they do? (Read This: The Death of Freedom)

Guns are VERY important, because they exist.

Because they exist, bad people will get them whether they’re legal or not, making it a necessity to make it easy for good people to have access to them and to be able to carry them.

Second, they exist in the hands of the government, and we think that our government will always represent our best interests (not sure if they even do today), but what if they don’t?

What if, for example, they bring in millions of refugees who don’t share our values, say, like they’re doing in Germany, raping their women, and the government tells its OWN WOMEN to dress more conservatively so as to not entice the scumbag fucks that are assaulting them?

So long as guns exist, they will be used as a tool. That tool can be to kill your own food, for fun, to defend yourself and your family, or for evil.

But bad people will ALWAYS get guns, so good people must ALWAYS be able to get guns.

Bad shit will happen, it always will, but by focusing on the tool used instead of the ideology that these evil, scumbags believe, is to ensure that they happen more frequently.

Have any of these events not happened in gun free zones?

Maybe the solution is to allow free people to carry freely. It’s not a PC solution, but it may be the solution until morons stop believing that virgins await them in the afterlife after they slaughter infidels. (Read This: A Man’s Role)