Imagine Reaching Your Goals After Your Folks Die

Don’t aim to reach your goals in your lifetime. Aim to reach them so that those important to you are around to see them fulfilled. ~Chad Howse

Imagine achieving your goals the year after your folks die.

Imagine, whoever in this world means the most to you passing away before they can see your family or your business or the man you’ve become because you spent too much time engaged in things that held you back rather than the things that eventually helped you create this life for yourself.

Imagine that for a second…

Your goals, who you’re aiming to become, and what you’re trying to accomplish are dependent on correct action, hard work, focus, and persistence.

The more time you spend on the right things, the faster you will create what you want to create.

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That’s very simple. And it’s very true.

However, we (I) spend FAR more time on things that take us further away from what we’re trying to do, who we’re trying to become, and the legacy we’re trying to create.

We all know this. Yet day after day we spend time surfing the internet, chatting with friends, and watching TV.

We give our time to things that push that “place in the sun”, that moment of accomplishment, back and back and back.

We push it beyond the lives of those we love, and often beyond our own life, never realizing our potential, nor the goals we’ve set, or dreams we’ve laid out for our future and that of our family.

Be in that truth.

I need to get personal here. It has to hit you.

I have to get in that reality that by wasting time on things that don’t matter, even minutes and seconds, I’m pushing the family I want, the business I want, the impact I want to create, far beyond the lives my parents will live and likely beyond that of my own.

Imagine your wedding day, or maybe the birth of your first child, or the purchase of that dream ranch. Imagine the happiness, the pride, and the joy of that moment. Then imagine not being able to share it with the most important people in your life, the ones you love most.

Now, get to work.

Get off your fucking ass and work!

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